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Project Design Online Marketing is involved in a lot of sponsorships and initiatives, in which we give back in every way we can. We strongly believe in conservation, and community projects. As we grow at Project Design, we want others to grow with us.

We have built a number of websites for free, and continue to do so. We have conservation projects on the go that relate to fishing, birding and the Kruger National Park. We are passionate about these 3 facets in particular, and believe we can use our expert website development skills, graphic design skills, SEO expertise, social media strategies and Adwords marketing techniques in order to provide, not only the South African public, but the entire World, with information on how we can protect our natural resources. These passions are growing, and raising awareness every day. Project Design plans to partner with large corporations in order to reach our goal of promoting South Africa, as one of the most amazing and diverse natural resources in the World!

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Project Design Sponsorships & Conservation Projects

As mentioned above, Project Design is passionate about conservation, and does a variety of personal projects gained from outside sources. These projects cover website development (Where we have, or will be, creating brand new websites for the Organisations), YouTube marketing and video creation, Social Media Marketing and complete Brand Identity with graphics and logo’s. The current projects we have on the go are listed below:

Fish The Fly

A fly fishing website aimed at promoting conservation and teaching the general public how to handle and catch South Africa’s fish species using fly fishing tackle.

Fish The Fly Co Za Website
Fish The Sea

A general fishing website aimed at promoting conservation and teaching the general public how to handle and catch South Africa’s fish species. The website is still under re-construction, but social media, brand creation and YouTube marketing have been set up already and are always being updated.

Fish The Sea Co Za website
Birds In SA

A Bird and Birding website that teaches people about South Africa’s birds in the hope more youngsters take interest in this amazing facet of wildlife watching. Conservation is strongly promoted on the new website, which is still under construction.

Birds In SA Website
The Kruger

A conservation website focused on the Kruger National Park and other Game Reserves in South Africa, with conservation being the main focus, and education a close second. The website is still being re-built.

The Kruger Website

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