Google Adwords Conversions & Why They Are So Important

Measuring Adwords conversions is vital to the success of your campaign, and can be done in a variety of different ways. There are some campaigns where it can be hard to monitor conversions, but you need to consider and add conversion tracking code to your landing pages/thank you pages to get better results from using Google Adwords.

The article below was from former Adwords guru Tony Roocroft:

Adwords & Conversions… How to Understand and Control What Really Matters

It helps a lot when running Adwords campaigns if you’re happy “crunching numbers” because the willingness to study and to understand the many reports and the great deal of relevant data supplied by Google is a key to success. And these reports and their usefulness are continually evolving. For example the introduction of the new interface a few months ago provided access more easily to even more vital information.

Apart from crunching numbers it is even more important to understand the concepts relating to making a sale. No matter how well you run Adwords there is a cost to it since the overall objective is to get targeted clicks to a landing page and Google makes you pay for these clicks. What happens after the clicker reaches the landing page determines whether  money is made or not.

We’re talking, here, of the ability of a landing page to convert a click to a desired output (eg a sale or collection of a lead).

In the workshop that I run I teach the importance of 5 variables and how they impact upon making a successful conversion. The 5 variable are as follows:

  • Motivation
  • Value Proposition
  • Friction
  • Incentives
  • Anxiety

These 5 variables do not have the same or equal impact upon the likelihood of a conversion and it’s important to understand the interaction of these 5 variables and how they work in unison. Once the formula is understood then creating landing pages that convert is greatly simplified.

Perry Marshall has introduced a new way of thinking about conversions and the variables that have to be acknowledged as important in this process of making Adwords “work” for you.

A New Way to Think About Adwords and Conversions… “The Tactical Triangle”

As most of you probably know by now I have a great deal of respect for Perry Marshall… this is the only newsletter that I read every time one arrives and this is often more than once per day. Well Perry’s team has just published, free of charge, a fascinating insight and approach to understand what it takes to succeed with any marketing strategy. You should look at subscribing.

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