Google Adwords Keyword Research

Before you set up your Adwords campaign, you need to do something very important, adwords keyword research. You need to gain an understanding of what people are looking for in your industry, and how they are searching for it. This article takes an in depth look into adwords keyword research. Read more about Adwords here.

Google Adwords & How to Do Proper Keyword Research

At this stage you’ll probably be agreeing with me that discovering a large list of keywords is a vitally important first step to organising a well thought out Google Adwords campaign.

Most people when tasked with finding keywords will tend to generate lists of what we call DEEP or REFINED keywords. For example such a list based upon the seed word “skin care” might look like the following…

  • skin care
  • skincare
  • skin care products
  • organic skin care
  • acne skin care
  • natural skin care
  • skin care product
  • anti ageing skin care
  • facial skin care
  • sensitive skin care
  • dry skin care
  • men skin care

While this list is of course important there is far more to keyword research than generating lists of refined or deep keywords.

The second type of keyword list is known as a LATERAL or WIDE keyword list. For example the following could be part of a LATERAL list…

  • beauty
  • cosmetics
  • makeup
  • skin ageing
  • facial care
  • beauty secrets

You will agree that these keywords bear a very close resemblance to skin care and if we were selling skin care products then our online market would certainly be searching for our kind of products using this kind of keyword in addition to the skin care list.. However you’ll also notice that these terms are very broad.

The expert keyword researcher will now use these seed keywords to create other REFINED and LATERAL keyword lists. For example let’s explore the keyword “makeup”

Deep or refined keywords could include

  • makeup
  • eye makeup
  • mineral makeup
  • makeup tips
  • permanent makeup
  • makeup brushes
  • wedding makeup
  • professional makeup
  • makeup remover
  • bridal makeup
  • makeup school
  • makeup mirrors
  • stage makeup

Wide or lateral keywords based upon the “makeup” seed keyword could include the following…

  • hair
  • eye
  • massage
  • tips
  • salon
  • foundation
  • facial
  • nails
  • aromatherapy
  • lipstick
  • waxing
  • mascara
  • manicure

You can probably see where this is leading us… by starting with a single keyword (skin care) we are able to generate long lists of highly related keywords both deep and wide.

There is almost no end to what can be discovered.

If you market skin care products it is almost certain you will need to create very long lists of appropriate keywords like these so that you can bid on them within Google Adwords.

If you fail to discover such lists then your ad campaign is doomed to being mediocre at best and to being a dismal failure at worst.

It’s impossible to do this kind of work using paper, pencil and your own brain. You have to invest in the right tools.

Explore keyword research this way and you will be light years ahead of almost all other Adwords advertisers.

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