Affiliate Marketing – An Introduction

Affiliate Marketing is the process of advertising and selling another person’s or Company’s products on order to gain a percentage of the sale (Commission), when the product is sold. This affiliate marketing article was written a while a go by Tony Roocroft.

Here’s the Real Truth & Proof Why Most Affiliates Have Difficulty Making Real Profits

I have learned about how the internet really works by being an affiliate in many different programmes and markets in South Africa and internationally over a long period of time.

In the earlier days the one thing that bugged me over and over again was that I was not able to make the money all the experts suggested was possible and easy (if you bought their book). None of this information actually made any measurable difference to my earnings despite my knowledge of search engines and PPC.

I concluded and still maintain that it is virtually impossible for the vast majority of affiliates to make any significant amount
of money from most normal affiliate schemes. Note that I said virtually since some people are making small fortunes.

I WAS WRONG … not about new affiliates struggling because the majority will always struggle. What took me some time to understand and then to implement was how to combine the power of Excel with affiliate data feeds and a special piece of software that enabled me to create large static html websites quickly and easily. Suddenly I was now able to target individual products. My earnings jumped significantly.

It took me a couple more years and the purchase of some very special software before I worked out how some affiliates earned
lots of money while most earned a little or none at all.

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