All about Keywords

What You Have To Know, Get This Wrong And You Will Fail

This post is an introductory articles that covers all about keywords and what you need to know succeed. We have many articles on keywords in our Adwords and SEO article section, but this page will focus solely on all aspects of keywords. So please look through the links at the bottom of this article for all your keyword information! Imagine you were a search engine called Google. How would you know if a particular website was relevant to any particular search term. Think about this for a moment one way is to look for a certain word or phrase called a keyword or keyword phrase AND then assess the importance of that single keyword relative to any other word on the web page that is what Google does and in the blink of an eye.

And of course this is also what the searcher does the searcher types a keyword (think need here) and looks for confirmation that the need has been met by observing the words on the SERPs page that comes up. This is also done in the blink of a eye so you’d better make sure you get the searchers attention quickly…

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