Keywords and Titles are important when using your web design skills, or implementing SEO strategies. It is possible but not easy to rank highly on search engine results pages using only the keyword approach to web design.

However in highly competitive arenas you have to make sure that your web is made popular with respect to other websites using link structures to be covered shortly.

This combination of linking approach along with keyword analysis, and web page structuring is what gives you page 1 slot 1 success on the search engines. This chapter will also introduce you to important search engine thinking.

Apart from the actual search engine designers/managers no-one knows exactly how any search engine works. These inner workings or algorithms are top secret for deliberate and obvious reasons. Some search engines are better than others because their search technology is better. Despite the secrets a great deal of information has been gathered to allow good assumptions to be made.

Anything I present in these next few paragraphs is therefore very educated guesswork. But by the time you have finished reading you will I am quite sure agree with what I say in terms of the usefulness of the information to sell products successfully on the net.

A search engine is only as good as its results. If a search engine continuously returns inadequate results to its searchers it will die (as did Alta Vista). It will die because it will no longer attract advertisers or any other source of income because people will stop using it.

Conversely good search engines will garner more and more market share because they will provide their customers with what the customer wants namely relevant results or SERPs.

In 2001, Google was almost unknown. Today (April 2015) it accounts for up to 75% of all search engine query results and is synonymous with search. There is no guarantee that this will remain the case especially as the other major player BING has made major improvements over the last 12 months and Yahoo and MSN are still around.

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