Assessing Keywords In The Internet Market


Lets discuss how we would go about assessing keywords in the internet market. We are all comfortable with the real world and the markets we participate in every day. If you as a consumer go into a fruit and vegetable store youll see all the fruit on a nice well laid out racked display.

This makes it easy to choose what you want in fact theres real method to these displays. They are always full And kept full. They are always showing the best of the fruit

The result of this is that you may just buy a bit more than you intended who would buy from an empty rack, or a badly displayed rack? And if those bananas really looked good and even though you intended to buy lemons you might just change your mind. Maybe get both.


Shopping is easy if you have the luxury of seeing a range and being able to choose immediately by simple visual inspection.

On the Internet there is no single way to see everything in one place that makes choice easy and quick. In fact it is difficult to find exactly what you want because of the sheer choice you have, the extent of the competition and because you can only see one result at a time. As a result you quickly learn that the right choice of keyword is vitally important if you want to find what you want quickly and get a good deal.

Lets talk about two apples. On the left a bright shiny red one. On the right a multi-colored not so shiny apple. Now conceptualize or imagine that you happened to be the worlds largest grower of the multi colored apples shown on the right. Imagine youd had a bumper crop and you wanted to sell the crop on the Internet but time was limited and that you really only wanted targeted buyers.

How would you go about finding those targeted buyers? I hope you agree promoting just apples would get you nowhere. And hoping people would find your type of apple by a casual apples search would be fruitless.

Somehow both you, as the seller, and the searcher, as the potential buyer, must meet.

You must both be operating in exactly the same market and this market is not a fruit or even an apple market it is far more specific than that.

Your market happens to revolve around a single type of apple called The Golden Delicious (the one shown on the right). If you can do a good enough job of creating a website with many pages about Golden Delicious apples and if the searcher happens to find one of these pages because the potential buyer knows he only wants Golden Delicious and thats all he’s looking for then its probable that you’ll sell your whole crop.

If your website is only about apples in general or about how you are the worlds biggest and best apple farmer its unlikely you’ll sell even a single apple no matter how professionally your site is put together.

Red Apple Vs Yellow Apple

On the Internet these are not apples one is a shiny red sweet apple (on left), the other is a Golden Delicious apple.

You cannot assume and act in a general fashion to succeed on the web. You have to be highly specific. Your website MUST be targeted to the highly specific Golden Delicious. In this context a SINGLE keyword Golden Delicious represents a total specific market.

From now on in this book a keyword is the direct equivalent to a specific market. For example small Golden Delicious is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT KEYWORD to large Golden Delicious but more important it is a completely different market to the one for large Golden Delicious.

This table below may make this a bit easier to understand.

Assessing Keywords In The Internet Market

Table showing number of people (how big the market is) for different keyword terms all related to Golden Delicious

The table tells me that 14 people are typing into the search engines the exact phrase golden delicious apples and 7 are typing the exact phrase picture of golden delicious apple i.e. they are looking for a picture of golden delicious apple. Since you are trying to sell Golden Delicious apples it would pay you to have a web page about pictures of golden delicious apples (NOT JUST A PICTURE of a golden delicious apple on any old web page).

Three people everyday are looking for golden delicious apple nutrition facts. I would therefore recommend to you that your website should definitely have a web page geared to nutrition of the Golden Delicious.

You can be reasonably certain of 2 things

  1. These people are only interested in Golden Delicious apples not any other type
  2. These people are not the same individuals

This means if you did not cover every one of these keyword terms in detail in your website you would NEVER attract all these market participants to your site.

To all intents and purposes every one of these keywords is a completely different market or sphere of operation. If you add together the number of searchers you have a pretty good appreciation of the total size of the Internet market for Golden Delicious and you know the EXACT size of the market for picture of golden delicious apple. It is predicted to be 6 per day.

Imagine if you could discover the market size for any keyword. Well you can. And easily and quickly and with good accuracy and for pennies.

However I have some sound advice for you before providing you with the most useful SEO tool available on the whole web. The advice is that you will only ever get the best out of this tool if you practice and exercise your brain first. The tool can substitute for a great deal and even a bit of brainpower but frankly it cannot do the really important work for you all that well that work is called thinking. So for the time being lets make an assumption together.

Lets just assume for a moment that you cannot afford to buy special keyword assistance software. Under these circumstances you will still be able to identify lots of keywords using your own personal capabilities and some free keyword tools available.

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