Conversions In Adwords

There are three major types of conversions in Adwords, and the former master of South African Google Adwords runs us through these different kinds of conversions used in Google Adwords below.

The Three Different Conversions in Google Adwords & What They Mean

With the recent announcement of “Audiences” by Google there are now 3 important conversion metrics available in the reports. These are

1.    Normal conversion where a click results in a sale or a sign up for example at the time of the click

2.    View Through conversions… this type of conversion only applies on the content network. It relates to a conversion NOT made at time of the click but a conversion by the same person which happened at some time in the following 30 days even if no further ads were clicked. This is the result of Google placing a 30 days tracking cookie on the searcher’s computer at the time of the ad click.

3.    Remarketing conversions… this is a brand new Google Adwords development and is really really important. Once again it only applies on the content network. In short Google places a special cookie on the searcher’s PC. This cookie is activated at the time the landing page is reached irrespective of whether an ad was clicked or not. This cookie then “follows” the searcher around the web and automatically displays ads to the searcher based upon the interest previously shown by arriving at the landing page.

The effect of these different conversion types is to increase number of conversions and lower the average cost per conversion for the content network as a whole. Here’s an example of results from a campaign between Monday and Wednesday of this week.

Conversions In Adwords

Without the view-throughs and remarketing conversions the total conversions would have been considerably less and the cost per conversion would have been much higher.

This table highlights the relative importance of the Content Network in terms of making conversions.

Remember Adwords Always Cost Money… Conversions Make Money!

Conversions make money and the ultimate objective of any Adwords campaign is to reduce the cost of a conversion and maximise the number of conversions as explained above. Everything else is incidental.

This absolute requirement is what makes Google Adwords a very complex animal since the variables effecting conversions are many.

For example these are some of the variables:

1.    Keyword lists

2.    Geographical considerations

3.    Language choices

4.    Adwords network selection

5.    Day parting

6.    Variable bid pricing

7.    Maximum keyword bid price

8.    Keyword match type including negative match

9.    Actual cost per click

10. Click through ratio

11. Conversion(s) ratios

12. Impression share

13. Landing page relevance

14. Quality score for keyword, ads, landing page, adgroup and campaign

15.  Adrank

The challenge of managing an Adwords campaign is first of all to recognize the importance of these variables and then optimise every one.

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