Effective Mind Maps For Online Success

This mind maps article is an exert from Tony Roocroft’s SEO and Adwords book, of which many articles can be read here on the Project Design Online Marketing website. So, here is the article!

Mind Maps Section

You must have used those brightly colored marking pens to highlight important text passages in books, articles and the like.

The trouble I found is that by the time I got to the end of the book I could not remember how to recall the particularly important bits or even how to find them because I invariably ended up marking too many sections.

These pens remain great tools, but much better still is the Mind Map…

The company that invented Mind Map software must have had a difficult job selling the initial product because the benefits of buying a piece of software whose major feature initially appears to be to help to make notes somehow does not appeal to many people especially when you have to pay for it.

After all whats wrong with paper and pencil?

I dont know about you but in my case my notes tend to be totally disorganized, untidy, and unintelligible far too often especially if left for a time, and they tend to clutter up my desk to the extent that when I clean up I throw the notes away.

My experience with Mind Maps is far more than a note taker although the software does a great job of this. Mind Maps certainly helped me not just to record my ideas easily, neatly and onto a hard disc but also to extend the ideas and recall those ideas in a dramatically improved and efficient manner. I can also add to them at any time, maintaining neatness, and still being able to prioritize and/or sort the ideas.

The software also allows me to export to other presentation software and also create fully-fledged HTML files very easily, thereby reducing considerably other work that might be required later.

It does a great deal more as well.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words this sums up Mind Maps.

The tool allows you to create pictures of your ideas, assign relative importance and tasks to the ideas, sort and rank them as well as much more.

I trust you will find the ones in this section very helpful in assisting you to recall and use the important sections of this book.

These Mind Maps were created simply to help myself organize my web pages, thoughts, ideas and to put together this book. They are available upon request by purchasers of this book. They are not included in view of the large file sizes Please take note however that they may not be reproduced for commercial or presentation use of any kind without the authors permission in writing.

Whenever I read useful publications I create a simple Mind Map by hand rather than use highlighters or create notes in list format.

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