Email Lists & Internet Marketing

Email Lists are vitally important to any online business, and building email listings is imperative to success. There are a variety of ways to build email lists, but one must remember that you need to offer something to that person who will subscribe, something useful and something they do not have to pay for.

eMail Lists and Internet Marketing Strategy

The most valuable asset for many successful online organisations is the size and quality of its email list. This list might have been accumulated through newsletter sign-ups or through other techniques and systems.

Therefore a major objective of any online marketing strategy must be to capture email information wherever possible from visitors to a web site.

It is a well recognized fact that marketing to email lists having trust in the email distributor often works better in terms of customer conversion to sales. This is especially so for higher cost items and valuable information products such as training systems, workshops and the like.

However as in the case of SEO and PPC it is not about collecting email addresses for the sake of it. Information gathered this way is only useful if it is relevant to the organisations’ offerings and the customers’ needs.

Using Google AdWords as a strategy of building large email lists is a cost effective way of making future sales. Even if a sale is the primary objective of an AdWords campaign a secondary objective should eb to harvest email addresses.

Where do we fit in?

As part of an overall internet marketing strategy created for an organisation we advise on optimal set up of the systems and methodologies that allow for capturing of basic customer email information and dissemination of useful information on an ongoing basis in a way that processes are automated to a very large extent and able to be managed easily in house…

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