Where Can I Find The Search Terms In Google Adwords?

People often ask where they can find the search terms in Google Adwords. This step-by-step image and text guide will help you find these search terms.

First off lets start with what are search terms? Search terms in Google Adwords are gathered in your campaign from your keywords. If you run broad and phrase match type keywords you will have search terms. This is because Google links your phrase and broad keywords to people’s searches. Google basically thinks for you, and tries to get you as much exposure as possible. It is important to frequently check these search terms and look through them. A lot of the search terms are likely to be completely irrelevant to the people you are actually targeting. From here it is important to add negative keywords to your campaign, so people do not waste your budget with these search terms.

I often get asked where I find the search terms in a Google Adwords campaign, as many inexperienced Adwords users are either unaware such a feature exists or do not know how to find it. Its nothing to be ashamed about, ask questions, as many as you can, this will help you run a better Adwords campaign. So in thinking about this I decided to write a short how to article which explains how to find the search terms and how to add negative keywords. The article is illustrated with images for easy reference.

In recent times the Google Adwords account has become more user friendly and one can find the search terms quite easily.

  1. Log into your Adwords account and click on the keywords tab. Here you will find all the keywords you are bidding on.

Keywords Google Adwords

2. Then click on search terms. This will take you to a screen where you can see all the search terms that someone has typed into Google to trigger your adverts.

Search Terms Step 2


3. Look through the search terms. I am sure you will find a lot of nonsense amongst the terms. Select them and exclude them.

Search Terms Excluding Keywords


4. There might be some new keywords that you never thought about that are beneficial to your campaign. You can then add them from the search terms as well.

Search Terms Adding Keywords


I like to add the keywords, whether they are negatives or new keywords manually, so I tend to use an excel spreadsheet. But you can easily do it from the search terms.

When adding a keyword you will most likely have to put in a new destination and mobile url, as well as set up a bid price, as it will take the ad group’s default bid price when you add them, so keep this in mind.

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