Linking Principals For Web Development

Most surfers or website browsers look to the top of the page and the left hand side of page for most important links, and especially Home Page.

Some tips here:

  • No harm is done using bold text for links. It is possible it would help if related to the keyword. Remember Google knows if you have used a bold keyword. To you and me bold signifies more important.
  • Most people expect links to be blue underlined but they can be other colors of course. My advice here is simple always use blue underlined links and especially so in body text.
  • A link is still a link if the underlining is removed. Many websites are using css now to create links that are of a different color rather than use underline. Makes no sense to me but it can look nice.
  • If you have a web page for which the keyword is garden and you have put effort into optimizing the on-page factors such as including garden in the Title and the word garden being well distributed in the body text and on page links then it is very important that on other web pages on your site that links back to this page include the word garden. If your keyword was water gardening then the whole phrase should be included in the link text pointing back to this page.
  • This is how Google knows that the web page referred to is relevant to water gardening. It may not be high quality (as judged by PageRank) but is relevant to the query.
  • I belong to the school that believes rightly or wrongly that the keyword in the URL is a good thing. This means I consider is a better name for an URL than . Google does not take hyphens into account. It reads pond-pumps as pond pumps. Of course Google can parse the long word pondpumps to identify the two different keywords.
  • In encouraging others to link back to your web page always remember to attempt to get them to use your own words which would of course would include the keyword. Most people would go along with your request.
  • In arranging links take note that the following URLs are all technically different so standardize on what you prefer they all work the same way but search engines may well see them as different URLs and using a mixture could have a serious impact upon your PageRank.


  • It is probable that the following approach where the link has appropriate normal text containing the keyword in close proximity to the actual text which also included the keyword is better than a plain link. This is typical of a normal citation and is another way of rewarding well-designed web pages and an approach that makes spamming even more difficult. This is the type of link information also provided by most good directories and many directories are manually checked and arranged.

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