Google Adwords Explained

Google Adwords Explained: For years many people have become aware of the term SEO, Search Engine Optimization, but due to the high volumes of people pursuing SEO or free Google rankings, there is no guarantee to be on the first page, NO GUARANTEE, regardless of what people tell you.

Are You On Google? You NEED To Be!

The solution? Pay Per Click Advertising, also known as Google Adwords. This is where we, Project Design (Certified in Google Adwords), will help you succeed. Pay per Click advertising (PPC) works like an auction in the sense that your business places a bid on certain keywords that relate to your business. Every time someone searches for these keywords, your website pops up at the top of the search results as a paid or sponsored result. The best part? You don’t pay for this unless someone clicks on it, hence, pay per click. There is a guarantee in Google Adwords, and there always will be. It is one of the best forms of marketing available, and the beauty of it, is that ANYONE can use it. Google Adwords is simply a fantastic online marketing platform and is hard to beat.

Why YOU Need Google Adwords

Adwords works instantaneously: There are no delays with pay per click advertising. As soon as you set everything up, you start seeing results.

Adwords increases traffic to your site: People ask Google before they ask anyone else. If your site pops up at the top of search results, thanks to pay per click, you can guarantee that people will flock to your site.

Adwords is very cost-effective: Since you only pay when people click on your sponsored result, there is no money wasted.

Adwords levels the playing field: With pay per click it doesn’t matter whether you are a big company or a small business starting out. If you have a good site to back up your pay per click campaign you can increase your revenue almost instantaneously.

Adwords helps increase income while other marketing is in the pipeline: Marketing like search engine optimisation doesn’t happen immediately and pay per click can serve as the bridge between customers and your site until the search engine optimisation kicks in.

Adwords is 100% Measurable: You can monitor your Adwords campaign every step of the way, from when the searcher clicks, until when the searcher fills out a form. The targeting and data capture is arguably the most precise of any form of advertising.

What If Someone Clicks On My Ad Repeatedly?

Google monitor every single click and if they think something shady is going on they will “cancel” the click and record it as being fraudulent. This will then register on your Adwords campaign as an “invalid click”. Your adverts will then not be shown to this person again. Adwords creates and promotes Brand Awareness People start recognizing your Company name or Brand by seeing your ads whenever they do a relevant search.

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