Google Landing Page Requirements

The quality of the landing page effects the Adwords campaign directly based on a calculation Google does, known as the quality score (QS), these factors are as follows:

General Factors Of The Perfect Landing Page

Loading Time – The quicker, the better.

Navigation – Should be easy from desktop and mobile to navigate, limited scrolling and limited zoom needed (On mobile device/tablet).

View – No scrolling should be required, unless there is some general “unimportant” information that needs to be listed.

Contact Details – Must be the most prominent part of the page, preferably in a clearer font or different colour, background, etc.

Links – Only one Link needs to be on the landing page, a privacy policy. Must be at top of page. Sitemap and social media links (Especially YouTube, Google Plus or anything Google) can be added but at the bottom of the page.

Heading – Should explain exactly what the landing page is, for example “Project Design Web Development”.

Images – A Certified image will help (Of your services) , especially at the top of the page, mustn’t be too big. Other images are not necessary, due to loading time and distractions.

Text – A short description (One sentence) of what the page is and an incentive to fill out a form. More text can be added below the form.

Form – Must be simple with descriptive or incentive type words to get people to fill out the form. Should have limited info, for example a email address and name should be compulsory, whereas number, which should be on the form, shouldn’t be a compulsory field, as many people do not like giving their numbers out.

Submit – The submit link, should say something like “Get Help Now”. You should offer an incentive, an interesting article, for example, on Adwords, that you would send via an auto responder as soon as they filled out the form.

Detailed Information On Google Landing Pages

Adwords Campaigns – Separate campaigns should be run for different topics.

Each campaign should be run separate and have a separate custom landing page relevant to the topic.

You will need a different landing page for your services, for example: PPC, Web Development, Web Design. You can send people to the home page for the general campaign, as this is just for exposure or confirmation that you are an eligible Company.

You will need thank you pages for each campaign that will be linked to the submit button on the form. And individual tracking code should be placed in the body of the page. The thank you page should say something like “Thank you for your request for info” then should have a link to your home page and privacy policy. On the thank you page you should place your email address and contact number once more.

Auto Responder – It is important to have an auto responder service, as many people only sign up or contact after they know more about what they can expect; they also feel they know you more and there is a level of trust.

The first auto responder should say thank you and then there should be a link confirming that they would like to receive more info.

Preferably the emails should be sent once a week, for as long as possible.

The next auto responder should be an article that is helpful but does not give any specifics away. That should be the first email, sent directly after they confirm they would like information.

There should be a rotation policy, for example after one information based email, and then the week after should be an email advertising our services, and “specials”, which do not necessarily need to be specials.

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