Here’s a way to check if your Home Page might just be working for you.

You have seconds to leave an impression on a website visitor before she leaves maybe never ever to return. “I” below refers to a casual visitor to your website i.e. one who has found your page by searching a related topic. The image on your website unless you are possibly in the business of selling images is not too important. How “pretty” a web site is way down on the list of WIIFM* items. If you need convincing take a look at

Even getting thousands of web visitors to your website is worth little if they are not quickly and suitably impressed by its content …. WIIFM*

Do I (1) immediately know what I will get by exploring your Home Page or (2) do I have to explore first? If your answer is (2) I’m gone.

Are my probable expectations going to be filled and can I discover this within seconds?

Are the important messages “above the fold” and in a font I can easily read

Is the text broken up suitably to make recognition of content more easy?

Does your Home Page tell me what I must do next?

Can I understand from the links on the page what the link will lead me to? A good example of a link might be “You get R1,000 off normal price by clicking here …..”

Are you encouraging visitors to do something throughout the Home Page or is it company-centric?

Is the language understandable by visitors from around the world who are not expert in your field?

Does your Home Page tell a story or is it drab … people like stories, and life is vivid

Does an image really add value to your visitor’s experience? If not take it away. Use the valuable space for a call to action.

Are you brave enough to put your direct telephone number and email above the fold on the Home Page?

Can I easily discover your subscription form?

Can I search your site?

Most of us don’t like checklists like this because we know that by using them we discover we have more work to do. This week I forced myself to revisit some of my pages and I made some significant changes which have already had positive results. Are you up to the self critique challenge?

 * WIIFM … what’s in it for me?


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