How Adwords Works & How To Get The Most Out Of It?

How Adwords Works? Google Adwords is a great advertising platform, and we stand strongly behind this amazing form of pay per click advertising. This article is a brief introduction of how adwords works.

Adwords Tabs

The 5 tabs above will be seen once you have logged into your Adwords account or once you have clicked on a campaign to view. These are the most important tabs you will be using on Adwords.

Campaigns: You will be able to view all your campaigns in this tab, adjust daily budgets and see a summary of how each campaign is performing. You can view different periods of time by clicking the date range at the top.

Ad Groups: This tab allows you to view summaries of the different Ad groups and acts similarly to the Campaign tab.

Settings: Very important. After your campaign has been posted live you need to run through all these settings and make sure they have not changed from when you uploaded them from Adwords Editor. Everything that you want your campaign to do, can be done here and it is very valuable playing around on this page and a lot can be learnt.

Ads: This is where your ads can be viewed, checked and edited. Summaries of performance can be seen here as well.

Keywords: All your keywords ands there performance can be seen here. New Keywords and negatives can be added under this tab. There is an icon that will appear under the graph “see search terms” click this to see what exact keywords were typed in to find your adverts.  The blue link “View Change History” is a report of every single change that has been made to your Adwords campaign and can be very useful.

The most important part is to play around with these tabs and you will quickly learn what the functions of each are.

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