How To Add WordPress Posts?

Adding WordPress Posts to your website is a fairly simple and easy process, and you should not be worried about how to do it. This step by step guide will take you through all the features and ways to go about adding posts to your WordPress website.

When you start managing your own website, you may be unsure of what WordPress is, how WordPress works and just how to manage your WordPress site. Do not fear, Project Design is here! Adding a blog post to your Website is actually a very simple, hassle free and easy process! We will list the points below, which will cover the adding post process in WordPress. And remember, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Log On To Your WordPress Site

Go to your website, and into the admin section. For example, this is what you would type in. and after the forward slash, type wp-admin. So this is what it would look like:

Type In Your Details

After that you will see a log in box, with the WordPress logo on it. Here you would type your user name and password to get into the back end of your Worpress site.

You Are In The Back End!

Now you will see that you have full control over your WordPress website. You will now see a “+ New” at the top, click on that and select “Post”.

Create Your New Post

Now you just need to write your post, about anything you want. Play around with the options and add pictures, it is similar to a Microsoft Word document.

Last Step, Publish!

Once you have finished your post, simply click publish or update in the right hand side screen in the middle/top of the page, and there you have it!

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