How To Create A Successful Web Page?

A lot of people want to know How To Create A Successful Web Page, and there are a fe2 things to take note of, especially if your site or landing page is aimed at potentially engaging people to interact with your website. If you would like to see some of the websites we have designed, or some of the services we offer, click here.

The Essence of a Successful Webpage or Website…

Treat Keywords like PEOPLE
When people visit a page … questions to ask yourself

Why are they here?
What are they looking for?
Can I deliver what they are looking for in next 5 seconds?
In this small space … eg Headline.Google Ad

The ONLY reasons why people don’t buy from you assuming they have a
desire are:

Don’t believe in you
Don’t believe in your proposition
Don’t believe it’s going to work for them … mismatch between search
and offer

The Headline and the 4 U’s

Ultra Specific
Useful… ie answers the desire of the searcher or surfer

USP … Unique Selling Proposition

This is YOUR PRODUCT’S reason for being.

My PRODUCT is the ONLY one (fill in the gaps)

1. That … [Does what] 2. For … [For whom] 3. By … [How]

Turn a Feature to Benefit… ask the question So What?

Feature might be Product X contains Enzyme B, Vitamin C and comes in
3 pack sizes. Turn this into a benefit by asking So What. Benefit
could then perhaps be Product X Makes You Look 10 Years Younger in
a Week and You Lose 10 kgs Too!
You get the point I’m sure.

Use Emotive words …
Examples…. Amazing, Astonishing, Fascinating, Guarantee, Discover,
Exciting and hundreds more.

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