Blogging: How To Make Money From A Blog

Blogging is not new to those in the know but for the vast majority of people who use the Internet they probably remain a bit of a mystery … certainly the marketing benefits of blogging are not all that obvious so this is what this page is about …

Read about how to add a WordPress blog post here.

What’s a Blog … ?

A blog is a website.

So if you have a website today you too can start blogging … if not don’t worry. We’ll show you how to get a great blog quickly and free and you can use to make money far more easily than you think.

BUT a static website with no new content would not really qualify as a true blog since blogging really refers to keeping a website fresh with content. Nevertheless a blog is a website to all intents and purposes.

The history and mystique around blogs can be explored forever but this site is only about showing you how to make money from your blog so I have ignored popular history and discussion around this topic.

Any Website (therefore any BLOG) Can Make Money if it Gets Enough Targeted Traffic …

The 2 important words in this sub-heading are targeted and traffic. On the Internet and with few exceptions conversion rates are very low.

This means in practice if you have something to offer and, let’s say, many people see your website offering only a very small proportion (between 0% and 5%) will actually do what you hoped they would do … eg buy something, subscribe to your newsletter etc.

The sooner you accept this Internet fact the more successful you’ll become because it will encourage you to write lots of content for your BLOG or website. Why …?

More Content = More Visitors = More Chances To Succeed.

It’s possible to go to great lengths trying to explain why lots of content are important for success but please take my word for it. However here’s the absolute fundamental reason … just think for a moment and consider Google search engine.

How on earth can Google ever find your website (read blog) and rank it higher than other blogs if the total content of your blog or website is 5 pages and about 700 words spread between the 5 pages?

Well Google cannot because it cannot even discover what your web is about from such a slim offering and it would get lost in the massive clutter called the www.

Now if you had a blog with a new page added every day for a year and each page was about 400 words long then the pure mathematical chance of being found by Google and other search engines after about 6 months increases enormously. And by doing some research (see below) you can improve the chances of being found by Google dramatically.

Now that’s what you should aim to do to get traffic and it’s a good start but only a start and a very basic one at that. Add to this that your blog might even be perceived by those people who read blogs for fun to be useful content and you are starting to succeed …. you have targeted traffic seeing your blog and this traffic might just be in the mood for buying what you offer.

What Good Is A Blog If I Have Nothing To Sell?

Well here’s a couple of real secrets which in their own rights are major reasons for having a blog

Other organizations are looking for websites that attract large volumes of targeted traffic and this includes the best of them all Google … Google will split any revenue they get from their advertising program called Google Adwords with approved website owners and bloggers who successfully display their ads and achieve clicks …

Many product or service based companies are looking for the same high volume highly targeted traffic blogs and websites to sell products on their behalf in return for a commission …. these programs are called affiliate programs.

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