How To Setup Adwords?

A lot of people want to run their own adwords, account and to do this you need to know how to setup adwords. Everything needs to be in place and if you are unsure about anything I suggest reading through some more of our Google Adwords articles, or even better, asking us to run your Google Adwords campaigns for you!

The below information would be the process of how you would setup your own Adwords account for us to run a campaign in…

Adwords Campaign:

What You Need To Do

1.     Set up an Adwords Account.

Go to

Click Start now or Create account.

Fill in all the information required.

Then put in credit card details or choose an EFT payment method when you put money in whenever you want.

You are done!

Send us your login information so I can link into your account.

2.     Create a landing page.

A landing page is typically a page designed for people to go to once they click your ad. Please put us into touch with your web designer or whoever will be doing the page on the website and we will explain to him/her how to create the landing page so it works. Alternatively you can give us your ftp details or login information and we can create the landing page for you. We have a wealth of experience in landing page creation. Have a look at our web design skills here.

3.    Send us information.

Just send us a bit of info on what the adwords campaign will be about, for example what are you selling? And who is your market? Gauteng, Western Cape, whole of South Africa etc.

4.     Discuss what budget you want, normally anything less than R3000.00 per month will not get you good results.

5.     Then leave the rest up to us.

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