How To Write A Good Google Adwords Ad?

People often ask “How to write a good Google Adwords ad?”, and it is a tough one, but we will do our best to explain the perfect ways to structure and create your adverts for your Google Adwords pay per click campaigns. If you are having trouble, read more of our Google Adwords articles here.

How To Write A Google Adwords Ad

Google Adwords ad layout gives you up to 95 characters and a short URL to tell your prospective customer the following about your offering

The visitor has come to the right place The benefits to that individual visitor by clicking your ad and not somebody else’s are obvious The features of your offering will ensure the click to your website The advantages the visitor will gain by taking up your offer after clicking through will make the click worth the effort

That’s all there is to it and simple it’s NOT.

The only way you will ever become a good Google Ad writer is to do it time and time and time again, make the mistakes and learn from them. You’ll need to test, test and test again too. That’s what we’ve been doing for many years (Since 2003) now and why our offering to manage Google ad campaigns is maybe worth a small fortune to you.

Tiny differences can make dramatic differences to click through rates.

And the real test of any good Adwords manager is to maximise CTR (click through rate) because this is what gets the best results from Google Adwords campaigns.

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