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Internet Marketing SEO, is using search engine optimization in order to gain benefits from your online marketing as a whole. SEO and Internet Marketing work hand in hand, and tools such as Social Media Marketing and Google Adwords also contribute greatly to this facet of online marketing.

Internet Myth Busters about search engines & SEO South Africa

You need to be a designer or know HTML to have Internet success … Nothing could be further from the truth. It is not necessary to know HTML. Besides, where do 99.9% of all designers get their content from? Their clients! All they do is make it look pretty – do you have to have pretty in order to succeed? No, you most certainly do not!

You need to understand the jargon!  This is total an utter nonsense. For too long we have seen people bamboozled by technology, shepherded into following the flock off the Internet abyss simply because of Mumbo Jumbo TechnoSpeak! We clarify this nonsense and deliver it into Plain English and empower you to ask the Tough Questions that Need to be Asked!

You will make millions overnight with little effort. If only this WERE the case! The sad reality is that a very, very select few will make lots of money quickly on the Internet. For the rest of us there is a considerable amount of effort and work involved in earning our web success. Knowing what needs to be done is sometimes as important as doing it and we will help you with this.

The Internet builds brands. The Internet does not build brands. But your competitors will eat you alive online given half a chance. Your brand strength will not translate into automatic web success.

A quick reality check:

Not ranking well on search engines in your chosen market will hurt you.

If you do not rank well in your market on the search engines then who does? Your competition of course! Now if we can sell American made pond pumps to Americans, made by the Chinese (but imported by Americans) and delivered by Americans – from 6000 miles away for a 15% sales commission – who truly represents the competition to the American pond pump seller? Is it us, or the next pump manufacturer? What if the next pump manufacturer offers us 20% sales commission? Competition and kinship and opportunity is everywhere if you know how to identify it.

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