Ordinary people are sick and tired of interruption advertising

:They are looking for trusting relationships, value for money and WIIFM.

Interruption advertising is something 99% people who use the internet hate (That is not an actual statistic, but I am sure it is pretty close to being about right and true.

Contextual advertising on the internet goes a long way to providing WIIFM … what’s in it for me … and it represents superb value for money and immediate ROI information. Only the internet can deliver highly targeted messages instantly to those looking for such messages and information. Keywords and their understanding their application is the secret to success here.

Google Adwords – one of the very best examples of contextual advertising.

Everybody who is anybody in the advertising world will tell you … it is tough to get any brand noticed in traditional marketplaces these days. Consumers are over-burdened with “brand” messages and starved of true contextual (benefit type, targeted messages providing value to the consumer and not the advertiser). Read more of our articles, or see what services we offer

It is reckoned that the average consumer is bombarded by at least 200 different brand messages daily … and this when they least want to receive this message too. As when happens when you are watching your favourite TV program. This is called interruption advertising.

Modern marketing is all about what YOU and I WANT to hear (WIIFM … what’s in it for me?) not what others want to tell us.

Modern marketing is all about value for money … not some hairy-fairy view of what this value is. Marketers must know ROI for ad campaigns and this is almost impossible to get in traditional media.

Brands are not top of the mind except in the eyes and minds of advertising agents. Product benefits and value for money along with ease of purchase and rapid response service are.

Traditional advertising is expensive and if you want to try to build a brand it is even more so. It is simply not possible for mere mortals with limited time and money such as with most small businesses for instance.

Trust is what it is about and nothing beats the internet for building trust with total strangers separated by continents.

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