Ken Evoy And Perry Marshall

This was an article written by my father, Tony Roocroft on Ken Evoy and Perry Marshall. These are arguably two of the most successful pioneers of Google Adwords and online marketing as a general concept. I myself have spent many hours listening to their podcasts and reading their books.

About Ken Evoy & Perry Marshall… Internet Pioneers

Two major connections online have allowed me to make a wonderful business for myself. Of course there have been many other highlights and learning episodes. However the following two experiences stand out. And the fundamental fact is that neither of these two experiences have cost me any significant sums of money.

1. How It All Started…

The first product I ever bought online was a PDF book MYWS (Make Your Words Sell) by Ken Evoy. As a matter of interest Ken is a Canadian trauma surgeon with a love of internet marketing. You may know Ken from his flagship product Site BuildIt. For anyone getting started who wants to create a website from start to finish everything included this is probably as good as you can get.

Be warned however that there is a lot of detail and you will need to follow a thorough and detailed step by step approach. This is not a system for those who are impatient or who want to make a R million in a few weeks.
Continuing the story… Ken Evoy brought my attention to the phrase Search Engine Optimisation and this was in 2001. It was the start of an exciting never-ending journey for me. It was the absolute rock on which I built my SEO online presence. Today I own about 150 websites all of which are SEO’d using the fundamental principles Ken introduced me to only 8 years back.
These sites contribute significantly to my company’s success. The majority of these sites earn money every day of the week 365 days of the year whether I’m in the office, on holiday or whether I’ve called off “sick”.Now I haven’t been to Ken’s site for any length of time because I’ve reached the situation where I have no direct need of his products. He used to have great give-aways and probably still has. He’s a great guy to learn affiliate marketing from as well. He provides quite a detailed manual.

2. How Adwords Came Into My Life

It started with Adsense which resulted directly from my early SEO experiences. Back then in July 2003 Adsense was a licence to print money if you could get traffic to a website … virtually any website with content. Since that first day when I installed Adsense code on my first site (not knowing what to expect or even how the system worked) Google has credited my account every single day since.

Adsense is still a great way to earn passive income so long as a website gets traffic and the more traffic the more money Google will pay you. The most I’ve ever made in a day amounted to $410.

It wasn’t long after this that I discovered what at that stage was a little known name in the internet marketing world… Perry Marshall. I subscribed to his newsletter and soon after bought the first edition of his Google Adwords book. Since then he’s published the book(s) on Amazon and has become famous in our world. To this day I get Perry Marshall’s newsletter which anyone can sign up for.

I’ve never met Perry or even spoken to him but his knowledge on internet marketing is inspiring to say the very least. He is an extremely up-front sharing kind of person who doesn’t suffer fools well; he’s passionate in his own beliefs and wise beyond his quite young years.

Perry cut his teeth drinking what he calls Pink Koolaid working the Amway system for about 5 years until he realised what the system was all about and that he was destined never to make any real money that way. You must read Perry’s long story about his Pink Koolaid days!

Anyway Perry taught me a great deal about Google Adwords. He’s recognized as an authority on the subject although by his own admission he’s gone beyond Adwords.

It is only because of the insights that I learned from Perry and by doing what he taught that I’ve been able to master my own approach to Adwords.

Today a large chunk of my income is derived from Adwords in one form or another.

If you’re serious about making money on the web you should get onto Perry Marshall’s Renaissance Club. It costs very little and is a monthly charge well worth the amount you will spend for the absolute value you will gain.If you don’t want to pay anything then get onto Perry’s normal email list… sooner or later you will buy his products I promise you.

Watch the man in action and learn from him as I did. I’ve never regretted it.I can say this about Perry Marshall’s communications… newsletters, epistles, rants and whatever else I get in the post or by email. I read every single one in full. I cannot say this for ANY other marketing material.

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