Keyword positioning in the body text is another important aspect of good keyword practice. If you were looking for something you really wanted on the Internet you would probably identify in your own mind important characteristics. Consider the following:

  • You want cheese.
  • You want cheddar cheese no other kind
  • You want English cheddar cheese only
  • The English cheddar cheese must be yellow not white.

Because you really want to find English yellow cheddar cheese and because you are an experienced searcher you would type a full descriptive phrase perhaps the following into the search box of Google or other search engine:

English yellow cheddar cheese.

On the assumption that I sell English yellow cheddar cheese and place importance on this phrase I design my website to make sure that the serious visitor is in no doubt that is what my web page is about. So:

My web page heading might be: English yellow cheddar cheese, the tastiest, freshest English yellow cheddar cheese as judged by 1 million customers

My web page SUB-heading might read: English yellow cheddar cheese for the cheese connoisseur. English yellow cheddar cheese is vacuum packed for shipping world wide at no cost

My body text might look something like this:

Blabla bla bla English yellow cheddar cheese Blabla ble bla lkjleble bla ble bllraa bla lebla Blablaew ble blstra Bleble blila ble albla bla lebla English yellow cheddar cheese.

Klokj ucna kskdnki asdjkkljk cheddar cheese adiho asdho sgh sdoas sahioa hdlodo. Askdonad English yellow cheddar cheese. Raskdo asdjasdj askld duiomj

Aki;p kalf cheddar cheese Askdon treys English yellow cheddar cheese.

It is no coincidence that Google will also probably conclude this site is about English yellow cheddar cheese.

This is the essence of web page design for keywords. Heres another more normal example. What do you think this page below is about what is the targeted keyword phrase?

A Water Softener Is More Than Just Useful In The Home

Try a water softener … be kind to your skin, brighten up your laundry, make your hair appear silkier and make cleaning easier for yourself. Treat yourself to a water softener today.

What’s a Water Softener?

A water softener is essentially a tank with an inlet and outlet water connector that is full of very small solid coated plastic beads known as ion exchange resins. Alternatively zeolite (a complex naturally occurring product) can be coated and used in water softener cartridges.

How do I know if my water is hard and if I might need a water softener?

If when you wash your hands it is difficult to get a nice lather then the water is probably hard and will benefit from a water softener. If you see scale build up in kettles and pipes then the water is probably hard. When water feels a bit slimy then it is very soft and in this case a water softener is a waste of money. Calcium and magnesium ions naturally present in water create hardness and too much creates hard water as described.

Hard water makes washing less efficient and as such clothes and laundry generally can look dull and jaded … and I am sure at some stage you have seen that line of scum around the bath when you empty the bath water. Water softeners prevent this happening.

How does a water softener work?

The small plastic beads or zeolite inside the body of a water softener are covered with sodium ions. The reason that the contents of the water softener is called an ion exchange unit is that as water passes through the water softener the sodium ions on the surface of the resin exchange places with the magnesium and calcium ions present in the incoming water …. i.e. the magnesium and calcium stick to the surface of the resin and release the sodium. The sodium that was displaced on the zeolite or beads in the water softener  leaves the unit.

The water is then said to have been softened …. it is the presence of excess calcium and magnesium ions (or salts) that makes water hard. Sodium does not precipitate (this is how scale and bath tub rims appear) like calcium and magnesium salts … sodium stays in solution and does not affect washing at all.

Water softener units have been used in industry for many years yet are still relatively new as home appliances.

Does the resin in a water softener need frequent replacing?

No. The resin once it has lost all its sodium (having been replaced with magnesium and calcium) it is easily regenerated using common salt. Potassium chloride can also be used but would normally be too expensive.

How do I specify a water softener for my home? … here are a couple of examples to show you how specifications are normally noted

Model: WS-10

  • Dimensions: 2-5/8” x 9-3/4”, (67 mm x 248 mm)
  • Recommended Flow Rate: 0.50 gpm, (1.9 lpm)
  • Capacity: 750 Grains as CaCO3

Notice the water flow rate requirement for the water softener and amount of calcium that can be removed before the water softener resin has to be regenerated … these are important.

Just in case you didnt see it, the targeted keyword phrase/market niche was water softener there is no mistaking this is what this page is about both to the human and the search engine. This page is well written in this web design context even if not as a piece of prize-winning prose.


When a visitor clicks a link to your web page he or she (about 55% are male in USA) must quickly see what the site is about and your heading must do this and preferably the heading should closely match the Title text used and seen in the SERPs results in this way there is an immediate link made by the searcher between the need (the search term used) and the result (your web page).

Forget your company name and how proud you are of your logo and artistic skills. Chances are the visitor has never heard of your company name and could not really care less at this stage of the proceedings.

This is a good reason by the way NOT to put your company name in any web page TITLE. It can be a good idea to do it if you have a few extra characters to work with, but that is just our opinion.

Use that first screen to tell the customer that your web page is about satisfying THEIR NEED. Attract the customer, forget the company pride for now! It is difficult enough as it is to sell to a searcher. Many will never go beyond the first screen. They might if you have what they are looking for. Just compare your own behavior when searching for confirmation of this type of behaviour. (Read more about keyword misspellings)

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