Keyword Spellings, Plurals And Misspellings

What do they all mean?


In the world of search engines nothing is static forever, and this applies to keyword spellings as well. At this stage Google and most other search engines differentiate between plural and singular which means two web pages are needed to possibly rank highly for both terms.

To check whether any engine recognizes singular as well as plurals just go to the engine and type in both forms. If the number of results in both cases is the same then that engine treats singular and plural as the same keyword.


A wonderful source of keywords is common misspellings. To highlight this take a look at my own project for the word algae. Go to Google and type in algae and then type in algea and you will a lot of sites are designed for algea which is of course algae spelled wrongly either deliberately or by accident most by accident I think.

The same mistake is made by searchers about 30% of the time a searcher types algea. Knowing this means I can pick up those searchers who make spelling errors by specifically designing web pages for the incorrect spelling.

Think of the words that are commonly misspelled or spelled differently in different countries in your own sphere of interest. What about fibreglass, fiberglass, glassfibre, glassfiber (4 words all meaning the same and all searched for). Add these 4 terms to boats, for example, and immediately you have 4 web pages that can be optimized in order to capture the attention of all the searchers looking for this type of boat.

Creating a web page for this variation could hardly be easier all that is required is to find and replace the word in the original page and then publish it as new page. In practice I would suggest you use this method as a starting point only. Modify the page to ensure the page does not become snared by any duplicate content filter at play. This is important point major search engines already penalize pages considered to be duplicate content and more search engines will probably adopt this practice in future

There are many words like this. Go to dictionaries, thesaurus and so on. Google even has a tool to help you find these terms. One very common and very important differentiation is ..ise (UK spelling) versus ..ize (USA spelling) or .isation versus .ization.


Most search engines no longer recognize capital letters as being different to lower case letters.

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