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Keyword techniques and strategies are vital to SEO, as well as Adwords Success, and should be well researched. We have a variety of articles on these topics throughout this website.

Remember in the brainstorming technique what are called lateral keywords will come up frequently. These will be vitally important factors in your final choice of targeted keywords.

An example of a lateral keyword using soccer as the overall keyword topic could be:

  • David Beckham
  • Manchester United
  • Premier league and so on and so on.

Taking this point a bit further you might decide based upon your brainstorming technique to optimize a page for premier league soccer clubs.

Vertical keywords are the more obvious keywords like:

  • soccer balls
  • soccer boots
  • soccer stadium and so on

Most of your competitors will get stuck in these vertical market niches which means you will be able to operate in far more lucrative areas with considerably less competition if you apply your brain and not just use tools.

Combining lateral and vertical keywords can add a great deal of value and provide lots of traffic to your optimized web page.


Many websites list their keywords in the meta tag section of their web page. It is simplicity itself to explore these until your heart is content. All that is required is to View Source as described earlier go to the Head section and copy and paste the keywords you find there.

If you decide to go this route do the manual brainstorm first so that you are not overly influenced by what you find that your competitor doing.

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