LinkedIn Marketing & Information

LinkedIn marketing is important for any business or individual to market themselves. LinkedIn is basically the business version of Facebook. It is a professional business social media platform that allows you to connect with a variety of like minded businesses and business people.

LinkedIn Tips & Information

  • LinkedIn is the ultimate networking tool
  • Make sure your profile picture is professional and is a good representation of yourself
  • Join groups that relate to your industry
  • Update your status often (Daily)
  • Do the various test and exams available to increase the reputation of your profile
  • Interact within the groups you have joined
  • Add a powerpoint presentation with all your skills and what you do
  • Use the different links in the LinkedIn profile to send people to different pages on your website

The professional headline gives you 120 characters to work with, so fill it up with detailed information, and expand your title by adding services.

Getting recommendations are key on LinkedIn so make sure you have added all your skills and you have done some of the test to back them up. If you are a business, whether it is an individual or a group of people, it is much better to go through the extra effort to create a LinkedIn business page, opposed to a personal profile page.

You NEED a LinkedIn profile, there are no two ways about it, so start up your profile today (If you do not have one as yet). Follow all the guidelines and steps to get your profile as close to 100% as possible.

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