The Concept Of Links

Introducing the concept of links in relation to web marketing The concept of links are critical to SEO success, so go out and get those links. Do not follow bad SEO strategies when you are doing this though, as this will work out very badly for you. You need them.... read more

Links And Anchor Text

LINKS AND ANCHOR TEXT Links and anchor text are very important when creating a website, and you need to know quite a few things. What is anchor text? Take a look at this simple demo web page created in Microsoft Expression Web. The underlined blue text above is called... read more

Pictures Of Links

PICTURES OF LINKS: This article is about pictures of links, and sharing examples of links and reports… There is a lovely piece of software which is possibly of limited use but it does provide a great way to view and understand links. That software is from a... read more

Time To Find The Right Host

Time to Find the Right Host Find the right host, a host that will help your website! This is the minefield of all Internet minefields as far as I am concerned. This is the world of extreme gobbledygook as far as most of us mere mortals are concerned. Some years ago... read more

Effective Mind Maps

Effective Mind Maps For Online Success This mind maps article is an exert from Tony Roocroft’s SEO and Adwords book, of which many articles can be read here on the Project Design Online Marketing website. So, here is the article! Mind Maps Section You must have... read more

Return On Investment

Return on investment, a few words Return on investment (ROI) from Internet marketing. During the dot bomb crash companies on-line failed because their returns on investment were poor to say the least. The early days of web euphoria have gone. The days of ROI are back.... read more

Perfect Sales Landing Page

The sales landing page persuasion is necessary So you think you have a great website. Do you have content? SEO Strategies? A sales landing page? Google Adwords in place? Social Media Marketing? This page will teach you all you need to know about creating the perfect... read more