SEO Or Google Adwords

SEO Or Google Adwords? Or Both? A lot of people ask the question if they should use SEO or Google Adwords, or both. Tony Roocroft wrote this article in response to this question, and the insights are quite valuable. Read more about SEO and Adwords at the respective... read more

Run A Successful Adwords Campaign

The Right Way to Run a Successful Google Adwords Campaign One of the most competitive online markets and one which gets more competitive by the day is the travel and accommodation market. This presents us with an opportunity to see how well the topmost organisations... read more

How To Succeed With Google Adwords

The Power of Paid Search… How to Succeed with Google Adwords Google AdWords provides the Best Opportunity to dominate any online market in a targeted, controlled & cost effective manner in almost real time. And open to individuals, all organizations… small, medium... read more

Google Landing Page Factors

Google Landing Page Requirements The quality of the landing page effects the Adwords campaign directly based on a calculation Google does, known as the quality score (QS), these factors are as follows: General Factors Of The Perfect Landing Page Loading Time – The... read more

Find The Search terms In Google Adwords

Where Can I Find The Search Terms In Google Adwords? People often ask where they can find the search terms in Google Adwords. This step-by-step image and text guide will help you find these search terms. First off lets start with what are search terms? Search terms in... read more

Google Adwords Market Research

Google Adwords Market Research: Basic Market Research at the Micro Level How to do Google Adwords Market Research. In the example below I have used real data from one of our own campaigns to illustrate the level of market intelligence that can be discovered cheaply... read more

Why Google Adwords Is Winning

Why Google AdWords is Growing, and Traditional Media is Declining Google Adwords is responsible. There is a simple answer to explain the rapid decline in advertising expenditure using traditional media like newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. 1.    Google AdWords... read more

Struggling To Make A Profit In Adwords

Struggling To Make A Profit In Adwords? Are you Struggling To Make A Profit In Adwords? Do you know why? Maybe we can help, have a look at our Google Adwords services page, because we can help! The following article was written by Tony Roocroft. Why Do Most Adwords... read more

Making More Sales Using Adwords

Making More Sales Using Adwords Making more sales using Adwords: Google Adwords is the best platform to drive online sales and marketing via pay per click advertising means. We have a variety of articles and services relating to the World of Google Adwords. Making... read more

Conversions In Adwords

Conversions In Adwords There are three major types of conversions in Adwords, and the former master of South African Google Adwords runs us through these different kinds of conversions used in Google Adwords below. The Three Different Conversions in Google Adwords... read more

The Perfect Landing Page

How To Make The Perfect Landing Page The landing page is one of the most vital aspects that make up the World of online marketing. Having a good landing page will allow you to make sales, convert leads, and get sign ups, to name but a few of the many things landing... read more

Image Ads View Through Conversions

Image Ads View Through Conversions The article below was written by former Adwords guru Tony Roocroft and discusses image ads view through conversions and the conversion window, we hope you find this article useful, and if you would like to read more about Google... read more

Keyword Match Types In Adwords

Keyword Match Types In Adwords We have covered keyword match types in Adwords previously (Read more by clicking the link), but here we will expand on the match types of keywords that can be found in Google Adwords. More About Google Adwords Match Types: Expanded Broad... read more

How To Write A Good Google Adwords Ad

How To Write A Good Google Adwords Ad? People often ask “How to write a good Google Adwords ad?”, and it is a tough one, but we will do our best to explain the perfect ways to structure and create your adverts for your Google Adwords pay per click... read more

Google Adwords Reports

Google Adwords Reports & Reporting Google Adwords reports are vital to your online success while using this amazing form of pay per click advertising. You need to know where your money is going in your adspend, and you need to know what return on investment you... read more

Adwords Cost Per Click CPC

Adwords Cost Per Click – CPC When we talk about the Adwords Cost Per Click, known also simply just as CPC or Avg. CPC, we talk about the average cost you are paying for one person to click on your advert. This average cost is the benchmark you need to try and... read more

Adwords Keyword Research

Google Adwords Keyword Research Before you set up your Adwords campaign, you need to do something very important, adwords keyword research. You need to gain an understanding of what people are looking for in your industry, and how they are searching for it. This... read more