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The Website Industry is growing fast in South Africa and on a global scale. Having a website these days is imperative to having any sort of success in the online and even offline market. If you do not have a website, you are losing business and potential customers. It is important for credibility, and also serves as an easy access point for your client base to view information.

This blog page serves as a guide to various trends in the website industry in South Africa, and the rest of the World. It will also provide you with various “How To” and “Tutorial” articles when it comes to managing and creating your own website.

Simple Web Page Layout

AN ACTUAL SIMPLE WEB PAGE LAYOUT POSSIBILITY Want to know more about building a simple web page layout? Building websites is one of our specialities here at Project Design Online Marketing, but we always encourage people to do it themselves if it is basic enough, or... read more

Designing The First Web Page

Web Design: Designing the first web page Web design and writing for the web is not the same as normal writing because you need to optimize keyword use. If you look at some of my web pages they do not read quite as well as I would like them to. They lack a bit of... read more

Visible And Invisible Web Design

Visible And Invisible Web Design Visible and invisible web design refer to two parts of basic web design and development. The layout and look and feel (Visible, design), and invisible (Tags, CSS, Meta, Coding). These are the 2 fundamentals of web development. VISIBLE... read more

What Are Meta Tags

DO YOU KNOW WHAT META TAGS ARE? Meta tags are part of the web page HTML that remains invisible to the casual searcher and was placed in the HTML to be able to be read by search engine spiders. The two most commonly discussed are keywords meta tag and description meta... read more

Good Web Development And Design

Web Development Sucess: How to Tell If Your Web Designer or Developer Is Any Good Good web development is hard to come by these days. The Internet is by far the most significant development in terms of computer applications that I am aware of. Like no other tool it... read more

Fundamentals Of SEO Conversions

Fundamentals Of SEO Conversations Turn traffic to attention and attention to sales The point has just been made that traffic alone is not good enough. The traffic must be targeted and your web page must appeal to the searcher who discovered it via the SERPs. (Read... read more

Updating Your Website

Updating Your Website Updating your website is one of the most important things you can do if you are looking for great SEO results. Google and other search engines recognize fresh content, and updates to your website should be done as frequently as possible,... read more

Website Stats

Introducing Website Stats Lord Kelvin is reputed to have said if you know what youre talking about and can express it in numbers then you know something about it. If you cannot express it in numbers then your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind. WHY... read more

Making Website Content Work

Making Website Content Work For You Appealing to the consumer The majority of website visitors do not come to your site to buy something … at least not initially. They come to see “how good you are” and whether you can help them resolve a problem.... read more

Home Page Of A Website

Your HOME Page is THE MOST IMPORTANT WEB PAGE Here’s a way to check if your Home Page might just be working for you. You have seconds to leave an impression on a website visitor before she leaves maybe never ever to return. “I” below refers to a... read more

How To Make Money From Blogging

Blogging: How To Make Money From A Blog Blogging is not new to those in the know but for the vast majority of people who use the Internet they probably remain a bit of a mystery … certainly the marketing benefits of blogging are not all that obvious so this is... read more

The Perfect Landing Page

How To Make The Perfect Landing Page The landing page is one of the most vital aspects that make up the World of online marketing. Having a good landing page will allow you to make sales, convert leads, and get sign ups, to name but a few of the many things landing... read more

How To Create A Successful Web Page

How To Create A Successful Web Page? A lot of people want to know How To Create A Successful Web Page, and there are a fe2 things to take note of, especially if your site or landing page is aimed at potentially engaging people to interact with your website. If you... read more

Page Rank

What Is Page Rank And How Does It Work? Page Rank may still be important if you want a high Google ranking. It shouldn’t be ignored nor should you fret too much about it. PageRank calculation, understanding and influence in a real website is very complex making... read more

Meta Tags

Meta Tags & search engines as well as web page site design topics Meta tags are part of the web page HTML that remains invisible to the casual searcher and was placed in the HTML to be able to be read by search engine spiders. The two most commonly discussed are... read more

DIY Website

DIY Website Development DIY website? But you offer websites? Yes we do, and we are very good at building websites and we have a lot of experience in it. This is an alternative, if you have some extra time on your hands. We are also different when compared to other web... read more

Microsoft Expression Web Basics

Microsoft Expression Web Basics Guide We used to use Microsoft Expression Web a lot do build our html website, this is the Microsoft Expression Web Basics Guide you need, in order to get good search engine results and follow good SEO strategies. Page Properties: Vital... read more

How To Add WordPress Posts

How To Add WordPress Posts? Adding WordPress Posts to your website is a fairly simple and easy process, and you should not be worried about how to do it. This step by step guide will take you through all the features and ways to go about adding posts to your WordPress... read more

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