Keyword Structure

Keyword Structure Information & Help HOW TO DECIDE ON WEBSITES STRUCTURE USING YOUR KEYWORDS Keyword structure is important to the balance of your website, and everything needs to be done in an acceptable manner, where research has been conducted. Use your keyword... read more

Keyword Meta Tag

KEYWORD META TAG OTHER VITAL TAGS WHERE KEYWORDS ARE CRITICALLY IMPORTANT The keyword meta tag: Most website owners have heard of meta tags and know this is a location where keywords reside. Most of these same website owners and designers also believe that locating a... read more

Starting With Keywords

Starting your search for keywords and how to identify competition for each keyword This article serves as an introduction to starting with keywords. My very first website project was about water gardening. This project remains to this day unfinished in the sense that... read more

Keyword Market Size Discovery

MAKING KEYWORD (MARKET SIZE) DISCOVERY EASY, QUICK & PROFITABLE How big is the market I am targeting? Keyword Market size can be accurately estimated with realistic figures. We show you how. Big markets offer big opportunities. Smaller markets generally offer less... read more

Keyword Search Tools

USING FREE KEYWORD SEARCH TOOLS Keyword search tools are important to help with page rank and SEO, and a lot of research needs to be done. Overture (now called Yahoo) is a pay per click search engine. This means companies actually agree to pay Overture if someone... read more

Using Your Logs To Discover Keywords

USING YOUR LOGS TO DISCOVER KEYWORDS Using your logs to discover keywords is an important practice for SEO and Keyword success. Note: This section assumes you already have a website up and running so we are jumping ahead of ourselves a little because I advocate that a... read more

Google Keyword Habits

GOOGLE Keyword HABITS Want to know about Goggle Keyword Habits? When a new website is recognized by Google for the very first time either by direct submission or because it has found the new site via a link on an existing Google site it examines that site in some... read more

Discover The Right Keywords

How to discover the right keywords Want to discover the right keywords? A keyword is not necessarily a single word when used. In fact a single word keyword finds little practical use on the Internet today. Take the word fountain and do a Google search. Chances are you... read more

Assessing Keywords

Assessing Keywords In The Internet Market HOW TO ASSESS SIZE OF INTERNET MARKETS ACCURATELY & QUICKLY Lets discuss how we would go about assessing keywords in the internet market. We are all comfortable with the real world and the markets we participate in every... read more

An Introduction To Keywords And Titles

INTRODUCTION TO KEYWORDS AND TITLES Keywords and Titles are important when using your web design skills, or implementing SEO strategies. It is possible but not easy to rank highly on search engine results pages using only the keyword approach to web design. However in... read more

Keyword Positioning

KEYWORD POSITIONING IN BODY TEXT Keyword positioning in the body text is another important aspect of good keyword practice. If you were looking for something you really wanted on the Internet you would probably identify in your own mind important characteristics.... read more

Keyword Geotargeting

Keyword Geotargeting Keyword geotargeting for success means that you need to do sufficient enough research on all the Countries within your target market, and you also need to optimize your keywords for Google Local Search. This is very important. COUNTRY SPECIFIC... read more

Keyword Spellings

Keyword Spellings, Plurals And Misspellings What do they all mean? SINGULAR AND PLURALS In the world of search engines nothing is static forever, and this applies to keyword spellings as well. At this stage Google and most other search engines differentiate between... read more

Keyword Techniques

Keyword Techniques USING BRAINSTORMING TECHNIQUES TO DISCOVER MARKET NICHES (ALSO KNOWN AS KEYWORDS) Keyword techniques and strategies are vital to SEO, as well as Adwords Success, and should be well researched. We have a variety of articles on these topics throughout... read more

Picking A Domain Name

PICKING A DOMAIN NAME Picking a Domain name using keyword research. In my mind theres no doubt that a domain name such as or is excellent and far better than elaborate, catchy or a brand name sites related to garden ponds. The reasons... read more

All About Keywords

All about Keywords What You Have To Know, Get This Wrong And You Will Fail This post is an introductory articles that covers all about keywords and what you need to know succeed. We have many articles on keywords in our Adwords and SEO article section, but this page... read more

What Are Meta Tags

DO YOU KNOW WHAT META TAGS ARE? Meta tags are part of the web page HTML that remains invisible to the casual searcher and was placed in the HTML to be able to be read by search engine spiders. The two most commonly discussed are keywords meta tag and description meta... read more

The Concept Of Links

Introducing the concept of links in relation to web marketing The concept of links are critical to SEO success, so go out and get those links. Do not follow bad SEO strategies when you are doing this though, as this will work out very badly for you. You need them.... read more

Links And Anchor Text

LINKS AND ANCHOR TEXT Links and anchor text are very important when creating a website, and you need to know quite a few things. What is anchor text? Take a look at this simple demo web page created in Microsoft Expression Web. The underlined blue text above is called... read more

Pictures Of Links

PICTURES OF LINKS: This article is about pictures of links, and sharing examples of links and reports… There is a lovely piece of software which is possibly of limited use but it does provide a great way to view and understand links. That software is from a... read more

Link Analysis

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