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The Social Media Articles below are targeted at the South African audience in particular, although people, Companies, and Organizations all around the World can use the information. Project Design does not just want to sell you a service. We want to help you in every aspect possible, and the World of Social Media Marketing can be a tough one to break into. We hope that you will enjoy the articles listed below, and if you would like any help with any sort of Social Media Marketing techniques, you can get in touch with us.

From our experience in the Online Marketing Game, which has been accumulated since 2003, we believe we can help you succeed in the “Dog-eat-dog” World that is Internet Marketing. So please follow us below, and we hope you enjoy the articles!

Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing Information Twitter Marketing is not worth it right? WRONG! We used to believe that Twitter was a waste of time for business purposes. Twitter is in fact very powerful and beneficial, and Twitter acts as a mini blogging platform. Twitter can hold... read more

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing & Information LinkedIn marketing is important for any business or individual to market themselves. LinkedIn is basically the business version of Facebook. It is a professional business social media platform that allows you to connect with a... read more

Facebook Marketing

The Ins And Outs Of Facebook Marketing Facebook Marketing has truly hit the World by storm, and is becoming the epicenter of many peoples online marketing techniques. Facebook was founded by a group of Harvard Students, and the Facebook website was launched by Mark... read more

The Social Media Plan

Social Media Plan And Planning Having a social media plan is important, and a lot needs to be done before you set up your social media network. Getting page likes, shares, followers and connections is not as easy as most think, and it can be really tough, especially... read more

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