The sales landing page persuasion is necessary

So you think you have a great website. Do you have content? SEO Strategies? A sales landing page? Google Adwords in place? Social Media Marketing? This page will teach you all you need to know about creating the perfect sales landing page.

You are getting 100,000 page views a month. You are getting 2,000 click throughs to your sales landing page. You are selling 20 products per month.

For this scenario your click through rate is 2% and your sales conversion rate is 1%. So for every 100,000 visitors who were attracted to your website you managed to persuade 20 to buy your offering.

Is this good or bad, better or worse than average? I do not really know but I do know it can be improved.


One sales landing page is not enough. It is this page that you will need to test, test and test some more. If you only have a single sales landing page it could take a long time to discover what does and does not work well.

Bear this in mind throughout this chapter. One is normally not enough!

To learn how to do landing pages is to construct them using good examples as the starting point. Go and look at those used by other websites. Try to be constructively critical making notes of what you think was good and bad. Where you believe you have learned a good techniques or idea go and try it on a different landing page.

How will you know which is the best landing page? You go to your logs and interpret the results. For example if you have three different sales landing pages take note which pages are related to which web pages. Make yourself aware of the numbers of click throughs from each web page to each landing page so you can calculate click throughs.

You then also take note of how many referrers there are from each sales page to the order page (all sales pages are linked to the same order page). This will indicate if there is any apparent and significant difference between the various sales pages.

This information is obtained by looking at the logs referrer statistics and is a reason for selecting a good host.

To make this clearer take a look at this fictitious table:

Perfect Sales Landing Page

By looking at this table it is almost certain that Sales page 1 is better at converting interest to sales and Sales page 3 is poor by comparison.


For a normal website keyword optimization on many pages is a requisite to gather or attract many targeted visitors. The sales landing page is not designed to rank well on the search engines. It is meant to sell your product, close the sale, and that is all the final persuasion!

Put all thoughts of keywords, link optimization and the like out of your mind. In fact there will be very few links on this page except perhaps to the actual order form.

Visitors arriving here are all high potential buyers. I suspect therefore that a 1% conversion rate suggests there are problems with the design and content of the sales landing page.

Perhaps the benefits/features of product itself linked to the price and if appropriate delivery costs is creating the poor conversion rate. Of course I am assuming that information on this site is in total keeping with what the visitor expects to see based upon the web pages already viewed. The only result of this not being the case is an irate and upset visitor who you have probably lost forever.

For the rest of this chapter it must be assumed that price is right, and fundamental features and benefits meet the need and so on.


It is at the sales page that you really come across this debate. The copywriters and marketers all seem to prefer long copy because of the need to appeal to different buyers and also to explain all benefits and features necessary to convince potential buyers.

Long copy is really designed to convince by answering questions and dispelling doubts of which there will be many.

Those visitors who have made up their mind will just want to get to the order page. Long copy is wasted on this type of purchaser. However these are in the minority.

What is for certain is that the length must be sufficient to be able to convincingly answer every single question that might arise in the mind of the potential purchaser and it must be long enough to explain all the benefits and then create the logic to back up or justify the reason why the purchase decision made was a very good decision a good place to use features.

You no doubt remember what you said to your self when you bought the 10th fly fishing rod, or that extra putter now bringing your collection to 5. Perhaps it was something like this:

> Just as well I bought this rod now, it goes up 10% next week and I might break one of my other rods?

> If I had not bought the putter I would have spent the money on something else anyway and it is made of the finest available lightweight space age aluminium alloy.

You must go to some length to help prospect rationalize the purchase by describing key features analyses and descriptions.

Remember AIDA. This is very important for the landing page.

1. Get Attention through headlines

2. Create more and more Interest and excitement through benefits confirming as it were with each one that the decision to buy will be a good one.

3. Ensure Desire through a great offer. Buy 1 get this free etc. In addition if you buy before tomorrow you will also get this that and the other

4. Compel Action by telling more than once exactly what to do


Is your most wanted response to click through to the order page? If not what is it? Decide right now.


Make sure that the heading is synonymous with the main web pages. Stress the benefit decide upon type of headline as discussed earlier. Your headline must be immediate, compelling, emotional and credible.

> Use opening paragraphs to let people know what is coming. You will learn that

> Heres what others have said about

> The savings you will make are outlined

> And everything is guaranteed

> Use subheadings a lot

> Use anticipation to draw visitors to the next exciting paragraph.

> Pull your visitor into the page, paragraph by paragraph. Remember how you read the newspaper from heading to heading.


Make full use of bullets especially when benefits and features are discussed. Also use this approach if you sell services. Bullets make sure that there is little room for misunderstanding be forthright, credibility counts. Do not try to hide behind what you might think are high prices. Do not leave out components of the cost. Be upfront. Be aware that shipping costs chase people away.

> $100 per hour for this

> $150 per page for that

> $12 each when you buy this that or the other

> 50% surcharge for urgent jobs

> 10% on total cost for all transport irrespective of location, size or value of order

> VAT will be charged at 14% including transport costs


Honest testimonials are a good way to further convince the purchaser that the decision made was indeed a good one. Credibility is established by including contact details of the person providing the testimonial.


For example

Will buying of this product really make my pond go clear?

Answer here in some detail

Will I get my money back is it does not work?

Answer here in some detail

If I change my mind at the last minute can I cancel my purchase?

Answer here in some detail

Do not divert to a FAQ page.


Few! Nonepreferably. Unless absolutely necessary and use small pop up window for information links.

You have spent a great deal of time trouble and money to get the prospect here. Do not allow the prospect to leave easily.


Buy 1 get 1 free.

If you buy my book I will add the following 2 other books totally free.

What makes your offer compelling, a real bargain, another justification for the decision. Find the idea that will compel your purchaser to buy. Use various offers to test an alternative sales page.

Remember the take away offers. Use these to test the approach on a different sales page.


It is important to stress these in a non-complicated non-legalese fashion. Put your money where your mouth is and mean it.

The one guarantee I always remember is

Just tell me the dog ate it anytime in next 6 months and I will give you your money back Stephen Mahaney of Planet Ocean still uses this guarantee it is perfect. No, you do not need to have a dog.


You do have to tell the prospect what to do next and in no uncertain manner.

> Click here to go to the order page

> Only press submit once

> Do not press back

> Enter your e-mail address here

> Confirm your e-mail address here

> This offer expires at 19.00 hrs 25th December 2002. Buy now.


Do you want the sale or 3 pages of personal information?


Consider all methods:

> The credit card obviously

> Cheques in the post

> Telephonic credit card information

> Faxed orders and direct deposits

> Paypal


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