Picking a Domain name using keyword research. In my mind theres no doubt that a domain name such as gardenponds.com or garden-ponds.com is excellent and far better than elaborate, catchy or a brand name sites related to garden ponds. The reasons for my thinking are

It certainly helps a little to have important keywords in a domain name in terms of search engine optimization.

It certainly helps a searcher no matter where in the world they come from to understand the contents of the website long before even seeing it.

One of the top garden pond related websites is vnwg.com this is meaningless to anybody who does not know what these initials stand for. Apart from spelling simplicity there is no advantage to this domain name for either search engine optimization or the uninformed garden pond individual searcher.

Dont go looking for those catchy, apparently clever cool domain names. Come down to earth and find one that is meaningful to the content of your site and to the searcher and one that will maybe assist you a little bit in your search engine efforts too. Heres a few of my domain names they have proven their value.

  • Pond-pumps.com
  • Practical-water-gardens.com
  • Clean-garden-ponds.com
  • Garden-pond-plants.com

Use hyphens to make the domain name easier to read by humans for search engines that can parse long strings the hyphen is not important.

This logic relating to domain names also carries through to naming files. If you have a website about ponds called www.winter-ponds.com and one of the pages (a file) is about water heaters then water-heaters would be a good file name. The complete URL would then look like:

http://www.winter-ponds.com/water-heaters.html or http://www.winter-ponds.com/water_heaters.html (second example uses underscore _ instead of hyphen in file name)

For both search engines and humans this is perfect.

A little bit later in the book well come to the best places to find and register domain names. For now well stick with keywords and how to use them to plan websites.

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