This article is about pictures of links, and sharing examples of links and reports… There is a lovely piece of software which is possibly of limited use but it does provide a great way to view and understand links. That software is from a company called TouchGraph. Take a look at the pictures below:

Examples Of Links

The top left picture on the above screen shot is shown below:
Pictures Of Links

The above is a pictorial representation of the links to and from a well known USA communication company’s site.

The next one is from a site called wasted youth…

Images Of Links

The two pictures are very different and serve to illustrate how complex and varied websites and their linking structures can be.

These pictures were generated by Touch Graph using Googles related search query. The pictures show the way the top 9 related sites link to the chosen URL. Lets take a closer look at what this software can tell us.

In the graph following I have selected a site we will call site 5 (not one of mine) which shows a degree of interlinking from what are probably independent sites and also dependent sites. By dependent sites I mean belonging to the same owner as site because they have a common owner the linking can be arranged any way the owner chooses.

It would normally be very difficult to get an outsider to provide link structures similar to what you see on the right hand side of this graph.

Linking Structure Images

Note that 5 of the top 9 related websites link back to site number 5 without any degree of interlinking between them. Note that site 5 also has links in from 4 other websites that are also intimately linked together. I would hazard a guess that these interlinked sites have a very close relationship to site 5.

There is nothing wrong with this since each site I presume would have good content and be able to withstand close human inspection on the other hand they could be used purely for spamming reasons. For good content sites this degree of interlinking is a perfectly acceptable way of improving link popularity.

Always remember on the other hand it is a way of exploiting knowledge of how search engines work and opens up a way of spamming search engines using what are called doorway pages and the like.

Lets take a quick look at another site which belongs to one of my competitors.

Concept Of Linking Structures

Each point above is abbreviated for clarity’s sake on the pictures but the software actually provides the exact URL for each point.

Remember I am competing with this company. I now immediately know which sites were providing good links to this competitor from this picture. I would then consider trying to obtain links from these same companies myself. Do you see an immediate application?

I also know at a glance which sites are linking to my competitor and which are probably belonging to the competitor. This fact I would not be able to distinguish easily by looking at URLs… of course I would avoid contacting these sites in looking for links so as not to alert my competitor of my presence and intentions..

Now if we ask the software to take us out a little further this is what we see:

Learning About Links

This graph provides a view of who is linking to whom one step out from the competitors site itself. The linking together of related content sites is what makes a website popular and relevant in terms of search engine algorithms. This software allows us to analyze to our hearts content and in a very interesting way which links are probably worth seeking and also which ones to avoid seeking.

Use this website to explore and discover the world of links. Check out your own websites and those of your competitors.

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