Search Engine Optimisation And Free Exposure

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO, Search Engine Optimization) helps ranking your website well on search engines and helps get visitors to your site… The more visitors that see your website the better the chances of you making sales…

Search Engines drive over 80% of all traffic to all websites. Google currently handles in excess of 200 million searches a day and this number is steadily climbing…

When a search engine returns results for searchers, if your site is in the top 10, you stand a very good chance of having searchers clicking through to your website. This is traffic for free! It doesn’t cost anything at all.

This is why Search Engine Optimisation is such an important field for any website. Part of the challenge facing any of us who have websites is in getting visitors to see our website in the first place. Then, secondly, you need to ensure that your visitor has a great time on your website – such a great time in fact that they just might buy something (or do whatever it is you want them to do on your site – not all sites are sales sites after all).

SEO is the aspect of Internet Marketing that deals with making your website Search Engine friendly. But even a search engine friendly web site will only rank well in a search engine’s results if it does a better job than the competing web sites that are also Search Engine friendly…

It can be done! All it takes is know how, some effort and commitment to make it work on an ongoing basis. A clear understanding of keywords and how they work is vital (what’s a keyword?).

The bad news is that SEO is a constantly changing never ending process. It is not difficult, but it can be a lot of work. Do things properly from the start and you will only have to do them once. Avoid ‘black hat’ SEO – anything that sounds dodgey and unethical might work in the short term but the long term consequences can be catastrophic. ‘White hat’ or ethical SEO is the only sustainable methodology on the Internet. It may be slower to show results, but it is the right way to do things and will yield far more satisfactory long term results.

The information that you need to know has been arranged in varying degrees of complexity, starting with the beginner topics and moving through to more advanced topics.

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