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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned above, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimzation, and this is one of the many factors that contribute to online marketing success. Having a website is not enough these days, plain and simple, and if you want Google to take your website seriously, it needs to be “SEO’d”, and follow good SEO strategies.

Google SEO Strategies

Following good SEO strategies will help your website rank organically, and will also keep you in Google’s good books. We have applied SEO strategies to hundreds of websites, and have been following the multiple and constant changes in the SEO World since 2001. So if you want some SEO advice, or you want your website reviewed or optimized, get in touch with us below.

We can use our search engine optimisation strategies on almost any website, but we specialize in optimising WordPress websites and HTML websites. (Read about how to add a WordPress post to your website here). If you do not follow the correct strategies, or you “spam” your website with bad search engine optimization techniques, your website will not rank well, if at all… You can read some of our articles on the subject here.

What We Focus On When It Comes To SEO

  1. Page Title Tag
  2. Page Content
  3. Images
  4. Internal Linking
  5. Focus Keywords

SEO Search Engine Optimization

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