How To Setup Hosting On Afrihost, For A WordPress Website?

Want to know how to Setup Hosting? It is much spoken about, and not often understood. Many new website owners have no idea about what hosting is, why it is there, or how it works. But do not worry. You don’t need to know about hosting to set it up for your new website. There are many different hosting platforms such as GoDaddy, Hetzner and so forth.

Since we are in South Africa, and we deal with a lot of basic WordPress builds, we generally instruct clients to use Afrihost. Afrihost is a secure and top level service provider, and is one of the best priced (For the amazing service you receive and call centre help) in South Africa, and on top of that, if you set up a hosting package with them, you get a free domain with it! Their domain renewal prices are also very reasonable as well.

I am ready To Setup Hosting For My New Website

So you want a website and you need to host it. How do you setup hosting? The steps listed below from Lionel Singh will show you how to setup hosting on Afrihost for a WordPress website. This is for a normal website or ecommerce store that only requires one database. If you have a complex website, or you aren,t quite sure how to set it up, or you have some questions on hosting please do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 1

– Use the following link to go to the exact page described in the instructions below ( -> Scroll about 3/4 way down the page and select the Gold Home package @ R39 p/m


– Open Afrihost in your browser ( -> Hosting -> Linux Hosting -> Scroll about 3/4 way down the page and select the Gold Home package @ R39 p/m


Step 2

Click “Sign Up Now!” you will be sent to a page asking the following :
– Hosting Product -> Choose the first option listed as “Shared Hosting” (should already be selected)
– Server Technology -> Choose “Linux Hosting” (Should already be selected)
– Hosting Package -> Choose “Gold Home” @ R39 p/m (third option from the left)
– Cost Summary should read R39p/m and then you can click the red button on the right that says “Proceed to next step”

*Note – Prices might have changed since writing this article.

Step 3

– Fill in new user details
– Follow to next step when complete

Step 4

Domain management -> Choose New Domain -> proceed to the next line and enter the domain you would like.
– Proceed to the final step

Step 5

Enter the payment details for your card from which the monthly debits will be taken, you will be emailed further instruction to the address you had used to register client details from step 3

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