Want to know more about building a simple web page layout? Building websites is one of our specialities here at Project Design Online Marketing, but we always encourage people to do it themselves if it is basic enough, or at least to take over the project once we have completed it.


link1 | link2 | link3 | link 4 | Consider using this space for important links which is to benefit of visitor. I might even use bold font.

Are you looking to increase your sales 200% per day? this is a surheading and I use normal body text font size.

Outside of table I place this main Page Heading and definitely include my keyword at least once. I use largest font text you’ll see on the page and style as H1.

And underneath I place this sub heading and definitely include my keyword at least once. I use second largest font on my site for text in this sub heading and style as H2.

I construct a smaller table with possibly a picture in one cell and text in another adjacent to this picture.

Now I start main table as described below…

IMPORTANT: Take note that the overall width of the table should not exceed 95% of the screen width. In this way any computer will be able to see your full page. Use percent settings and not pixel or cm settings for this reason. If you use pixel settings be aware of the size of visitors screens and the fact that they vary heck of a lot. It is good to use pixel sizes for images.

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Simple Web Page Layout Example

Simple Web Page Layout

If every page of your website had this structure it would be fine and it would also be very easy to repeat it on different pages. Web page layout really needs to be simple.

The following screen shot shows what the bottom of any web page might look like:

Example Of Page Footer

This section of links (in blue) and the red copyright is repeated on virtually every single web page relating to this project. They are links essentially to more important web pages.

I often dont use stop words (and, if, but, to, etc) and I ensure I use keyword phrases.

Imagine doing this for 100 web pages or even more and then having to do it again because a link was broken, or a better way of linking was found or maybe better words were available and believe me this happens a lot.

If there was not an easy way to make changes like this most people would find an excuse to leave it until tomorrow know what I mean?

Think of the possible errors that could creep in and the boredom even using copy and paste. Expression Web makes it very easy using what it calls shared borders or dynamic web templates. This is one important reason why SEOs use Expression Web.

If you are a serious web designer/SEO or even an amateur version then do consider Expression Web from the beginning not later. Web page layout like these takes minutes and the second and third a fraction of the time of the first page. Web design is a lot about repetition so you need a tool that makes repetition simple BUT accurate and makes correction easy.

Web design time is the actual writing of the words NOT the layout.

My choice of Expression Web was based on luck not advice.

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