Social Media Planning

Social Media Planning is a huge key to online marketing success. When starting up your social media, it is best to implement a plan and get everything in order. You can do this for your existing social media platforms as well. It might sound a bit simple, but the planning process is vital to achieving online success. I will be applying this to the social media platforms you MUST have in order to be successful. These platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus & YouTube. You can also apply the same strategies to your other social media platforms, but in terms of credibility, and if you want to succeed with social media, the 5 platforms mentioned above are essential. If you do not optimize and sort those platforms out, your entire effort on social media will most likely not work, or if it does work, you could achieve a lot more success. Instagram is picking up, and is becoming extremely popular, and is another must have social network.

The Social Plan

You need to identify a few things here…

  • What is your purpose for being on Social Media?
  • What do you want achieve on Social Media?
  • Who is your Social Media target market?

Once you have a clear idea of the above questions you then need to ask yourself the following:

  • What are you good at?
  • What are you not so good at?
  • What opportunities in your market are available to you and where is the competition a bit slimmer?

What You NEED To Do

Remember, sharing is imperative to your efforts. You need to get people to share what you are putting out there. In order to make someone share you need to have something interesting for them to do so. Many people use social media to share the latest trends, news and unusual information. Use that to your advantage. It is always a good idea to link all your social platforms together, so one can navigate from YouTube to Twitter for example. In terms of posting, you should always stick to a few things that are tried and tested:

  • You need to post daily, across all platforms.
  • Posts should include videos and photos, funny stories, team announcements, industry news, product introduction and interesting news.
  • On topic and off topic posts should be made.
  • Try get people to engage in your posts by asking questions, and making statements.
  • Reward people who share, like and retweet your posts a lot.
  • Don’t post too much, keep it to 2 or 3 posts per day.

Once you have gone through the planning process and understanding the vital aspects of posting, you can start exploring Social Media a bit more!

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