Social Media Marketing, And Why It Is So Important

Social Media Marketing, also called SMM, or just referred to as SM, is a vital platform every business and person should make the most of. Social Media is here to stay, and is always changing, so just doing a few basic things should keep you on track to achieving social media success.

I will use this post as an introduction to social media and will be going into more detail over the upcoming months and will be covering specific social media networks.

Social media should be used for 2 things. One, is credibility and the other is promotion. Credibility is very important and people often do research on a Company or Person before they deal with them. If you do not have a social media network setup or you have not taken care of it, this could really hurt you. Once you have that credibility, you can then use social media as a promotion tool, for which it is excellent for. We will cover this in details in the upcoming posts.

For the time being you need to know that listed below are the most important social networks. We have grouped them in what we think is an acceptable order of importance.

Google Plus








Social media has some importance with regards to search engine rankings, we believe so anyway, and if it is not that important now, it will definitely be in the near future. So I suggest you go to each of the social media sites listed above, and create a profile. If you have a profile, try make all of your profiles similar. Similar in such a way that if someone sees your LinkedIn and then your Twitter profile, they can make the link between the two. Some sort of uniformity should definitely be implemented across all of the “best” social media platforms listed above.

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