The Top Localized Organic Search SEO Factors

Localized organic search SEO factors are very important for your business, especially if you are running an SEO or Adwords campaign at a very specific and targeted market. Some of the more important factors when it comes to local organic search SEO can be seen listed below:

  • City, town, province should be in the landing page title
  • The domain authority
  • Page authority of the landing page
  • Quality of incoming links to the website
  • Quality of outgoing links to the website
  • Physical address in the city of search
  • Product or service keyword in the URL
  • Click through rate from organic search
  • City, town or province in the H1 tag of the landing page
  • Different kinds of incoming links to the website
  • Geographic keyword(s) in the domain name
  • Proximity of search
  • Articles and blog posts
  • Category associations
  • Verified mybusiness page
  • Loadtime of pages
  • Quantity and quality of Third party reviews
  • Google Plus shares
  • Testimonials
  • The amount of new websites linking to yours
  • City, province or town in H2 tags throughout the website

The factors above are just some of the general factors that contribute to local search and localized organic SEO. There are many others, and factors that relate directly to SEO, that should be followed as well. These top factors should be followed once you have got all your general SEO practices sorted. Good SEO needs to be done before you go into a more targeted localized market.

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