Using Blogs For SEO

Using blogs for SEO purposes is a great way to build up the number of pages on your website and to get a better search presence on search engines such as Google. It is important to understand the value and importance of SEO (You can read more here).

Using BLOGS for site search engine optimization

What is a BLOG?

A blog is the best invention for creating links back to your own web pages. A BLOG is a website that you can create and host for free. And from this website of your own, you can create links to your own site. It’s kind of an artificial way of creating lots of links back to your own pages.

Is it fair and above board? Is it ethical? Aren’t we cheating?

The answer to that question is very simple. If you are creating your own links from your own BLOG website – which I will call a BLOG from now on, solely for the purpose on increasing the links to your own web pages, then yes, you are being unethical and trying to manipulate your rankings on Google – who owns by the way.

But don’t think Google is dumb. You will only make that mistake once! Google knows every link to and from your site. He knows the words in that link, the words around that link and if he thinks you are trying to boost your rankings artificially – with no benefit to his searchers, he will penalise you!

So don’t be unethical. Create your BLOG in a way that makes it a useful site for anyone who visits your BLOG! It’s very, very easy to do and it involves little additional work – which is why it works so well for us.

As I say a BLOG is a website. But it is slightly different to a normal site. It was created by web designers for them to archive useful articles, things that they have seen on the Internet that they would like to make a note of – it’s an online notepad if you like.

And the way it works is that you ‘post’ to your own notepad (your BLOG website) by simply logging in, and telling what you have found that you want to add – and of course the LINK to this new find… and this link will point back to your webpage in the majority of cases although you are welcome to ‘BLOG’ other people’s pages if you like – giving them the benefit of your BLOG post.

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