White Paper Google Adwords?

White paper Google Adwords is often spoken about, but not often understood, this introductory article should give you the basics of white and Google Adwords. This article was originally written by Tony Roocroft, one of the first Adwords specialists in South Africa.

Google Adwords is direct marketing at its best. Unlike all other forms of direct marketing such as mail shots, magazine ads, classified ads and even email campaigns Adwords stands out for the following reasons…

1.It allows you to identify extremely closely the exact needs of a person searching Google at any point in time and in almost real time. This is possible because when a person types in a keyword phrase that person is indicating a need at that specific time. Always think of a keyword NOT as a keyword per se but a STRONG indication of a market need. Think of each keyword as a niche market and there are billions of these niche markets on the web.

2.By careful choice of keywords it is possible to get a very good idea as to whether the searcher is in browsing, shopping or buying mood.

3.You can measure the effectiveness of how your campaign matches the needs of the searcher and hence you can change your campaign based upon this detailed feedback.

4.You can control the adspend based upon the success or otherwise of the campaign.

The white paper will show you how to differentiate between the following types of searchers…

1. Browsers
2. Shoppers
3. Buyers

Read more about Google Adwords here, or look at the Google Adwords services we offer.

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