Why Are Search Engines So Important?

The question of Why Are Search Engines So Important is asked by many people looking to get their website to rank, or their Google Adwords adverts to perform better. Search engines are more important than your potential customers and clients, because without any sort of search presence, who will find you?

Why are search engines so important to your internet marketing profitability?

How well does your website rank on these search engines?

This is the question posed by Seth Godin in his book called “Purple Cow”, under a chapter entitled “Are You Invisible”?

He goes on to say, “You have a choice. In our data-deluged world, advertising is no longer able to help you market average products to average people. You can choose to waste your time and money with an advertising-based strategy, or you can choose a different path.”

The Google search engine averages well over 100 million searches per day. Optimizing for Google is by far the most difficult optimization challenge facing internet marketers

The Yahoo search engine (now separated from Google results) averages almost 100 million visits per day…

The combined search engines of Google and Yahoo account for around 65% of all search engine traffic…

If you were like us you would be asking “so what?” right about now. We agree with you! “So what?” indeed!

So how do you get found by these important search engines? A well ‘keyword optimized’ web site is a vital starting point.

“If your web site was your sales rep, would you fire it?”

A well known Internet marketer, James Maduk, asks the question “If your web site was your sales rep, would you fire it?” Sadly, this summarizes the state of most web sites and internet marketing efforts … they do not bring in sales and profits but they do cost money! So many people believe the web does not work. We know differently because we make thousand of Rands daily by using only the most respected and ethical internet marketing techniques that we have learned and developed over the last 5 years. Search engine optimization skill is a common denominator in all our marketing efforts. Up to now we have used the search optimization techniques and systems learned from other experts and developed from our own internet success only.

We are actually a water gardening business that has learned that success on the Internet comes from intimately understanding Internet marketing and search engine optimisation. We have learned the hard way that traditional marketing does NOT apply to internet marketing and we have learned how to make our Internet marketing work successfully for us. Our total annual web marketing and search engine costs are unbelievably low. We never could afford to pay the exorbitant fees charged by almost all web designers.

Worse still we could not depend upon them to lead us in the right direction. Few web designers qualify as internet marketers or search engine specialists, although now of course, we gladly teach web designers what we have learned. World Class Advice, Ideas and Assistance In providing advice, assistance, training and consultation we have one single overriding objective … to make it possible *for you* to successfully and profitably manage your web marketing efforts now and in the future.

We encourage you to do everything necessary to succeed on the internet yourself for amazingly low costs. This includes search engine positioning. Optimizing web sites for your own or company success is not a trivial occupation. Internet marketing is a serious occupation. Succeed and you can make millions, fail and it costs you many thousands. The situation has been reached where for the first time in history individuals can compete with large companies in the same niche markets …

And amazingly, the smart individuals are winning! Large deep pockets are NOT a pre-requisite to make money and to dominate market niches in a short time. Forget about ever paying R’000s for a web site. Think in terms of R’00s. Forget about thinking it takes days to create and optimize web sites … it does not! It takes hours, minutes even… when you know how. Available – public and private seminars and workshops.

How to optimize for search engine traffic and create your own internet marketing success

We keep ourselves acutely aware of all important search engine and internet marketing developments in systems, software, and general technology. We are happy to share this with dedicated enthusiasts or companies who wish to make profits from their internet efforts Once again note the thread of everything we offer … we taught ourselves to succeed and want you to follow the same path to profitable success. There is no other way for small business and individuals who have something to offer on the web and who want to make amazing profits. Do not let us mislead you though. It takes work. Forget those “promises” of “Make $1 million in a week by following our secret ……” It is not possible in real life nor is it possible on the web. We show every one of our customers the one way almost any web site (and even the bad ones) can make money overnight. No tricks, no scams, no unethical or offensive behaviour of any kind is required. This one single approach makes $’000s for us every month.

Whatever your product, one requirement is paramount

This requirement is independent of your quality, price, size, or standing in the community. If your web site is not found before your competitor’s site is found then you will lose market share! This year from my location in South Africa we will sell (without ever seeing or buying the products) some $100,000 of specially targeted pond equipment to USA homeowners. Somebody in the USA has lost that market share to us, some 8,000 miles away and they do not even know it. YOU can do the same, or have someone do it to you.

The first challenge of any web business is therefore to be found, first if at all possible, or at least be in the top 10 search engine findings in your chosen market niche. Competition for market share in every imaginable market niche will become more and more severe for the rest of time. If you have any kind of product you will fail for only one of two main reasons – 1. there is no need in the market for your product and 2. you and your product cannot be found. We will show you how to:

Do, Control or Manage all your search engine and internet marketing efforts individually or in house

Build trust with prospective clients

Grow your customer base

Create true customer loyalty

Always be a step ahead of your competitors

Grow your internet presence

Add numerous new income streams to your internet efforts

How to use the Internet to make your local business or individual efforts BOOM. The dot com bust is over and the boom is happening NOW!

Think About This

Forget about paying others to do search engine optimization for you. Let us show you how to do search engine optimization yourself for low cost and high success rates.

It is getting more difficult to optimize web sites. More and more up to date expertise is required. Search engine and web marketing success must be based upon practical optimization and not theoretical approaches. We have learned these and we hold nothing back when teaching you EVERYTHING that we know. We understand that competition on the Internet is very different from real world competition and we teach you this as well.

You have to learn DIY internet marketing and search engine positioning efforts in order to be successful. It is as simple as that. Successful internet marketing is THE FUTURE as far as all of our businesses is concerned.

Do not leave your critically important future to a stranger who will never understand your business like you do.

You can learn DIY internet catalogues for email and web sites .. forget about high costs. Your catalogues should include prices and should always be up to date. Place your catalogue directly onto your web site for download by anybody 24 hours per day. We show you how – quickly, simply and easily.

Your catalogue will be eagerly awaited by your customer .. it will always be available to him or her on the computer desktop

Search engine keyword services … the heart of internet marketing and search engine optimization. Exploit keyword knowledge for profitable web sites

You need to discover many keywords for success.

Search engine ranking services. You need an easy low cost reliable way to discover your search rankings progress at the search engines.

Search engine confidential reports and updates. The world of SEO is extremely dynamic. You need to keep abreast of changes that will impact upon your efforts and success. Subscribe to the SEOZA WII-FM news above left to keep up to date.

Web site creation training and assistance. We encourage you and show you how easy it is to do it yourself. Think of attending a guaranteed money back workshop.

Web site design and creation is far easier than you ever imagined and also vitally necessary for ongoing success. Web sites need to be kept up to date … preferably every day. How can you employ outsiders to do this?

We can offer you critique services on existing web sites with report on suggested improvements to rank higher on web sites … friendly simple web site criticism, simple as that.

We can help you make your sites more “internet friendly” and therefore improve sales and profits based upon our friendly critiques.

We help you with advice and assistance with electronic publishing and copywriting … writing for success on the internet is different. Emotion & excitement lead to a purchase … achieved through written words not pictures.

We explain WIIFM … what’s in it for me. This is a vitally important concept and of the keystones of our success.

Every web site must have a means of collecting potential customer email information and the newsletter subscription form is one way to do it. We show you how.

Creating forms for email address collection is easy these days and we show you how.

We advise and consult on the fundamental approach to correct domain registrations and hosting requirements … domains and hosting are minefields for the uninitiated.

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