Microsoft Expression Web Basics Guide

We used to use Microsoft Expression Web a lot do build our html website, this is the Microsoft Expression Web Basics Guide you need, in order to get good search engine results and follow good SEO strategies.

Page Properties: Vital for getting your page ranked on google

Right Click on the page to bring up a menu with page properties…

Title: you can use 64 characters, must make sense and be keyword rich!

Page description: Copy and paste 3 sentences/lines of the page that summarise or best describe what the page is about

Keywords: Use between 4 and 12 keywords no more than 12. Keywords must all be in lower case and seperated by a comma and must not have spaces or full stops. Eg. Interior,design,interior design,designing

Adding links

When you add a hyperlink select the word you wish to link and right click on it, this will bring up a menu of either hyperlink or hyperlink properties. Select the file you with to link eg. Capetown.htm… In front of the file you have chose always remember to add http:// followed by the website name eg.

If the file is in a folder make sure you include this in the link eg.

Keys To Success Using Microsoft Expression Web

Try making the page as user friendly as possible, target the page towards the reader. Fit in keywords and relating words to the topic of the page wherever you can as long as it makes sense! Eg. Cape town was hot in December. It is normally cold in Winter and the sea is freezing. Change to Cape Town was hot in December. It is normally cold in Winter and the sea in Cape Town is freezing.

Use 4-5 line paragraphs; never write paragraphs that are too long.

Underline words make them italic and bold where possible or where it makes sense.

Use bullet points and lists.

Make use of headings where necessary.

Basic Code

This will take some getting used to. Select the code view on the page and start writing in between the tags that say BeginEditableContent & EndEditableContent. Or where it says <body></body>. Use the following tags to write your page:

You can select the split option to view the page and the code simultaneously!

<p></p> to write a paragraph eg <p>The weather is looking good today.</p>

<h1></h1> Main Heading, must be the top of every page and must describe the page. The H1 is very important and should not be more than 1 line on the page where possible.

<h2></h2> Secondary heading. Only use H1 once on each page. Use H2 and H3 for other headings: <h3></h3>.

Bulleted lists are important here is the code






A numbered list is as follows:






Inserting a table and making tables are very important:

You can insert a table like you would do in MS Word and then work in it in the normal or code view. Here is what the code for a table will look like:

<table style=”width: 100%”>










There are other code types but these are the most common, otherwise just use Microsoft Expression Web in similar way to how you would use Microsoft word. Remember not to change the colours of the words and heading as each website has a style sheet which does it automatically when the page is finished and the style sheet has been attached.

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